TEAM JOOPITER Collection Will Be Officially Launched on June 18


TEAM WANG design is in collaboration with JOOPITER, the global digital auction platform founded by Pharrell Williams, to launch TEAM JOOPITER collection, featuring a range of items including t-shirts, Tang suit, gloves, keychains and sunglasses. JOOPITER has become known for collaborating with renowned figures in art and design, while TEAM WANG design stands out in the fashion world with its minimalist and elegant black classic aesthetics. The fusion of these two different design languages in this collaboration sparks unique creativities. 

The collaboration celebrates TEAM WANG design's creative director Jackson Wang’s auction with JOOPITER. The auction, “Jackson Wang Metamorphosis: Athlete – Musician – Designer” features personal items from his youth as a fencer, precious memories that testify to countless hours of training and competition, marked by the traces of growth and the sweat of hard work. From clothing to jewelry, from custom outfits for the MAGIC MAN world tour to the upcoming MAGIC MAN 2 experience tour, each item bears the unique imprint of Jackson Wang's journey. These valuable pieces document Jackson Wang's growth, witnessing his transformation from a top fencing champion to a world-class musician and creative director.

Jackson Wang said: “I’m very grateful that I can share the highlights and important chapters of my first 30 years on earth -  from sports to music to fashion. It has been a dramatic ride so far with various challenges, and yet I am looking forward to the next chapters to come. All of these items are very meaningful to me. They may appear to be very different, but they all represent the same mindset. To me, the only difference among these chapters of my life would be the skill sets, what remains the same is the emphasis on creation.”

The collaboration between the two parties embodies a shared respect and exploration of fashion and culture. JOOPITER, as a global digital auction house and content platform, is dedicated to showcasing the value and significance of precious cultural and artistic items. TEAM WANG design, on the other hand, continually breaks boundaries with limitless creativity and courage, interpreting fashion as a lifestyle and belief. This partnership is not just a clash of brands but a mutual tribute to and continuation of fashion culture.

Jackson Wang's auction will be open for global bidding on from June 18 to June 25. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity. TEAM JOOPITER collection will be available to pre-order on starting June 18, 2024 (ET). It will be also be available via TEAM WANG design in July. For more updates, please follow the official social media platforms of TEAM WANG design and JOOPITER.

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Source: TEAM WANG design

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About TEAM WANG design

TEAM WANG design is a high-fashion, diverse streetwear brand co-founded by Creative Director (JACKSON WANG) and CEO (HENRY CHEUNG). Its headquarter is in Shanghai, China, and lives by the brand spirit “KNOW YOURSELF, MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY.”
Ever since the creation of the brand,TEAM WANG design refuses to be defined by a single label or design. The Creative Director (JACKSON WANG) and CEO (HENRY CHEUNG) continues to break barriers and boundaries, telling the world that TEAM WANG design isn’t just a fashion label, but a modern approach to lifestyle and attitude. The brand hopes to encourage every OFFICIAL MEMBER to overcome their fears, to preserve their curiosity of the world, to freely express themselves, and to keep making history.