Team Decades CEO, Ron Norman Announces Two-Year Engagement to Promote Super Executives in Job Market

​Ron Norman, CEO of Team Decades,, announced today that he has begun using the company's two-year engagement arrangement to promote 'Super Executives' destined to occupy the top level of the job market strata in the same manner as Hollywood and sports agents.

Ron Norman points out that one cannot expect people to know that which you don't tell them: "Take a moment and think about how much information about an executive is not included on a resume which is the default instrument of advertising a job candidate." Norman suggests, "Most job candidates think that the resume will get them into an interview where they can reveal all their capabilities and skills to the right person." Unfortunately, Norman points out, the resume keeps the candidate out of that interview and the right person never gets the message.

"Why would any sports team make a large offer to a player whose stats were not known to them?" asks Norman. "Of course, they wouldn't and neither do corporations; we've found that the default approach elicits wholesale salary offerings rather than premium prices.

"Being skilled and capable is meaningless until the right people get the message."

Source: Team Decades

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