Team Building Collaboration Expands Services Offered at Tecumseh Team Quest Facility

A recent collaboration between two local businesses will provide a greater reach for team building, problem solving, and counseling services in Southeastern Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

Rick and Elisabeth Dorman, owners of Tecumseh Team Quest, will be working with Jon Schoonmaker, LPC, of Omega Counseling and Youth Empowerment, as he provides lead facilitation and coordination for the outdoor team building and confidence building activities at the Tecumseh, Michigan location.

"Organizational success of any size requires highly functional team members. Individuals need to contribute to the success of a team, and the team needs to challenge the development of each individual in order to have the best of the best," explained Rick Dorman, who co-founded Tecumseh Team Quest with his wife, Lis, in 1998.

Tecumseh Team Quest takes a completely customizable approach to team development. From the initial contact with a team, Rick takes time to completely understand their challenges and how Tecumseh Team Quest can develop a program that fits those needs. The outdoor adventure course activities are merely a tool used for reaching the desired outcome. "We specialize in dynamic facilitation, which means that we can continually adjust the activities and learning experience based on the unique dynamics of the group and what situations revealed during the activity," Dorman explained.

"Through our outdoor team building activities, we help individuals identify what their contribution is to the team, either through skill levels already present in the group environment, or by identifying potential skill levels outside of the normal daily responsibilities. We also work with the team as a whole to define the leadership development and problem-solving skills that are needed in order to progress the team towards a unified approach. We are looking forward to collaborating with Jon and developing more activities that advance team development and individual leadership growth in our community."

Combining Dorman's background experience of counseling, business management and team development with Schoonmaker's expertise in mental health, therapy, and counseling will be a natural collaboration that will round out the facilitation skills for improving corporate teams, youth groups, and other small groups in the community.

"I have worked with Tecumseh Team Quest for about six years now, and am always pleased with the quality of their facility and the people there," said Jon Schoonmaker. He recently completed the skills verification at Tecumseh Team Quest, and is looking forward to facilitating more small groups through the outdoor team building activities that are offered there.

Schoonmaker believes that adventure based activities identify the dynamics of a group and create experiences that are helpful for individual clients. The outdoor challenge activities assist youngsters in making appropriate choices about the changes in their life and confidence in the challenges they face.

Some of the outdoor team building activities offered include a Team Challenge Course, High Ropes Course, and a 45-foot high Climbing Tower, as well as small group activities and self development. For more information about team building activities in Michigan, visit or call (517) 423-5659. For more information about teen counseling, visit or call (517) 902-1754.

About Tecumseh Team Quest:
Founded in 1998, TTQ has provided outdoor team building activities to hundreds of employees, students, and young adults who want a different approach to problem solving, team building and leadership development. The training offered includes highly customized programs designed for an organization to experience in-depth team building without long-distance travel.

About Omega Counseling and Youth Empowerment:
Jon Schoonmaker is the founder of the Omega Project, the Legacy program, the Omega Leadership Initiative, and the Live Strong Retreat, and has helped countless teens at regional churches, schools, and youth agencies. Jon opened his counseling practice in Adrian, Michigan in 2010.

About Tecumseh Team Quest