Tea benefits website advices on dietary moderation & balance during the holidays

TeaBenefits.com says people need to be more conscious of their food intake this Season and that these should be balanced with such items as teas.

New York, December 18, 2009 - Tea information website TeaBenefits.com has emphasized the need for dietary moderation during the Christmas Season as a way to avoid the unwanted health consequences of over-binging. The website highlighted this as a way of cautioning people regarding their food and alcohol intake with the impending arrival of the holidays.

"Due to the customary feasts and parties during the Christmas holidays, a spike in the cases of heart attacks and strokes is often seen during and immediately after the season." said Edwin Bartolome, managing director of TeaBenefits.com. "It is therefore critical to be aware of the need to moderate both food and alcohol intake so that people won't have to deal with its ill effects".

Bartolome cited the data gathered by doctors on the 53 million deaths that occurred in the U.S. between 1973 and 2001 that shows deaths from heart disease peaking in the months of December and January, with noticeable spikes on Christmas and New Year's Day. He said that this data from the Vanderbilt Medical Center may imply that merrymaking during the festive season, coupled with a less-than-responsible attitude toward food and alcohol intake among people, may be the chief causes of this phenomenon.

He further stressed that awareness of the need to balance food and beverage intake during the season maybe key to avoiding the harmful effects of binging. "There should be a conscious effort on the part of the individual to keep tab of what he takes, and to make sure that these are balanced with the intake of other food and beverages that may have some beneficial effects on the body", Bartolome added.

"Teas are a good way of striking a balance in the diet", adds Roy Ian Montoya, chief of web development at TeaBenefits.com. "There have been studies made on the constituents of certain teas and herbs that have been found to seemingly counteract the damaging effects of foods with high fat and high caloric content".

Montoya adds that people in the Orient have long been practicing this 'balancing act' of taking teas and herbal infusions right after heavy meals and that may have directly resulted in lower rates of cardiovascular diseases and higher life expectancy rates in that region. "In Japan, people typically drink green tea after each meal while in China, a cup of black tea or pu erh tea is consumed ostensibly to 'melt' away the fat", Montoya said.

Many studies in America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere have repeatedly pointed to the high antioxidant and anti-fat properties of such beverages as green tea, black tea, oolong tea and certain herbal teas that may have had a hand in breaking down the harmful by-products of certain food and drinks.

"Having a stock of these teas in the kitchen cupboard may be a practical and inexpensive way of helping yourselves stay away from the hospital as much as possible.", they said.

But they hasten to add that drinking green tea, pu erh tea, rooibos tea or hibiscus herbal tea this season will not be a panacea for avoiding the health issues associated with excessive intake of food and alcohol. "These teas are not magic pills that will drive away your diseases at the drop of a hat. Rather, these teas are recommended to be used on a regular basis in the long term.", said TeaBenefits.com's Bartolome. He adds that this will require a conscious and determined effort on the part of each individual to evaluate what he eats and drinks, to moderate his intake of the 'harmful' stuff, and to add the 'beneficial' stuff like teas and herbs to his diet. "This takes loads of discipline", he said.

Bartolome says that their site TeaBenefits.com makes it easy for people to find out exactly what specific teas and herbal infusion are best for specific conditions. "We've made TeaBenefits.com a user-friendly and comprehensive destination for people seeking information on the precise benefits of each type of tea. For instance, you will find out that hawthorn tea is great for the heart, that ginkgo biloba tea is good for the memory, and that green tea has potent fat-busting properties." he said.

Montoya adds that they have also added a comprehensive organic tea and products store at the site and that people can effortlessly make purchases of these things right from the site. "Not only can you find information on the teas and herbs, but you can also get them from our site by virtue of our partnership with reputable online merchants." he said.

Accessed on the internet through http://www.teabenefits.com, the site offers information on the various health benefits associated with the different varieties of teas and herbal infusions and decoctions. TeaBenefits.com was conceived in response to a huge demand for information on herbal remedies that can be used to prevent, avoid, and in some cases, cure certain ailments.

The TeaBenefits.com team plans to add more entries to its ever-increasing tea selection, as well as to constantly update the news headlines portion of the site. "We also plan to add interactive features to the site to further enhance our visitor experience." said Montoya.

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