tClara's Study Sheds New Light on Merits of Meeting in Person

Business Leaders Reveal Their Preferences and Priorities for Meetings and Travel

How We Meet Matters - Insights on Meetings and Travel

Today, tClara released its white paper "How We Meet Matters - Insights on Meetings and Travel from U.S. Business Leaders." 

"Business leaders are struggling to find the right balance between virtual and in-person meetings. This paper provides rich, fact-based context for making thoughtful decisions about the increasingly important issue of how to hold meetings," said Scott Gillespie, CEO at tClara.

Big Benefits of Meeting in Person

tClara's study finds that eight out of 10 business leaders agree that meeting in person with staff, managers and peers is important, makes it easier to build trust, strengthens company culture, and increases job commitment. 

More Risks with Virtual Meetings

Nearly half (47%) of those surveyed believe virtual meetings are more likely than meetings held in person to cause a wide range of negative outcomes, such as lost attention or ineffective leadership. 

More Justified Business Travel Ahead

The top-rated reason for taking a business trip is to earn customer trust. Notably, 92% of C-suite leaders agree that their frequent travelers should spend a few minutes justifying their trips before they travel. 

"Companies need better ways to judge the merits of traveling for business. Objective pre- and post-trip assessments are the keys to using business travel more strategically," asserts Gillespie. "This paper helps business leaders make better decisions about how to meet and why to travel."

The full report is available for download.


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About the Study

Innovate MR surveyed 522 U.S.-based business leaders between Feb. 9-23, 2022. Each took at least five trips by airline in 2019 and has managed at least five staff. Ages are between 28 and 60 years old. The gender mix is 76% male and 24% female. All are college graduates and are employed in a variety of for-profit industries. The study was sponsored by CWT, Cytric by Amadeus, and Delta Air Lines.

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