TCI Transportation Adds GreenPower EV Star Cab and Chassis Class-4 Vehicles to Its Fleet

With the purchase, TCI Transportation continues on its mission to lessen its carbon footprint along a path to a greener future in trucking.

TCI Class-4 EV Star CC unit

As part of its move toward a green-powered fleet, TCI Transportation (TCI) has received four fully electric class-4 units, which will be utilized at its Fontana and Commerce locations. 

As a technology-focused company and leader in the Go Green movement, TCI purchased the four GreenPower EV Star Cab and Chassis (CCs) in December with the support of California's Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP). These grants are making it possible for companies like TCI to purchase green vehicles in support of congress's Zero-Emission Vehicles Act of 2019. 

Using the HVIP grant, TCI acquired four of the Class-4 EV Star CC units, which are capable of traveling up to 150 miles before recharging, while transporting 6,000 pounds of cargo. These units first hit the market in 2020 and represent the first commercial class-4 battery vehicle available in the United States. With these promising capabilities, these units are an excellent addition to TCI's fleet and green initiative goals. 

"As TCI transitions to a greener service fleet, the EV Star CC stands out as a reliable, versatile, zero-emission solution to our needs," explains John Sappington, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at TCI. "By partnering with GreenPower to secure $264,000 in HVIP funds, we have been able to take expeditious delivery of the vehicles so our fleet can reap immediate benefits."

Undoubtedly, the partnership between TCI and GreenPower provides both companies with new leverage in the market. Michael Perez of GreenPower stated: "Our recent delivery to TCI … distinguishes GreenPower from our HVIP competitors." 

While TCI recognizes this investment as a major step towards a greener fleet, it is not the company's first commitment to the green tech movement. TCI has made a significant investment in ordering Tesla Electric Semi trucks and has continuously invested in renewable energy infrastructure through the years. 

This partnership with GreenPower is a demonstration of TCI's continued commitment to sustainability. It is also proof that, as technology continues to advance, the widespread adoption of all-electric vehicles is becoming more feasible, and why TCI plans to add many more GreenPower vehicles to its fleet in 2022.  

TCI's Green Initiatives

Founded in 1978, TCI Transportation continues to break ground as a champion of the Go Green movement. Given the company's long-standing reputation in the Freight & Transportation industry, TCI has grown to become a thought-leader and innovator in its mission of achieving eco-friendly operations, both on the road and off. 

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