TBM is Considering a Furniture Laminate Sheet With LIMEX

"LIMEX" is new material developed by TBM Co., Ltd. ("TBM") which are mainly made of limestone and turned into alternatives of paper and plastic without using almost any water nor wood pulp. TBM is now planning to release a furniture laminate sheet at home and abroad.

Furniture Laminate Sheet with LIMEX

Today companies are expected to take actions against environmental issues to achieve SDGs by 2030. Microplastic pollution in the ocean led EU Commission to adopt a Europe-wide strategy to tackle plastic issues this January to achieve the society where people recycle all of the plastics. Some of the countries outside of EU adopted principle policies as well to regulate the use of plastic. Especially in EU, there’s a growing demand toward new ecological materials alternative to plastic.

Since TBM established its first plant of LIMEX, TBM has been strengthening partnerships with the leading companies to put LIMEX to practical use. Moreover, since LIMEX is suitable for printing ink on TBM has been looking for the other innovative ways to add more values. On 23 May this year at "Brussels SDG Summit 2018*1" (held by CSR Europe with "European Business Summit"), TBM will introduce a sample of "furniture laminate sheet*2," LIMEX, to meet the growing demands for ecological materials.

*1 Brussels SDG Summit 2018 is held by CSR Europe where the experts, practitioners, and policymakers will discuss SDGs related challenges and elaborate possible collaborative actions. The summit is held on May 23 in 2018.
URL: https://www.brusselssdgsummit.org

*2 The furniture laminate sheet, LIMEX, is manufactured in cooperation with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

■ The introduction of new material, LIMEX
・LIMEX, invented in Japan, is composite materials, the inorganic fillers in the dispersed phase. More than 50% of it is made from calcium carbonate.
・In 2013, METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry), gave TBM a subsidy, expecting TBM’s contributions to restoration from Great East Japan earthquake (March 11, 2011) and economic growth of Japan. The subsidy is for advanced technology demonstration and evaluation facility development."
・In 2014, Patent was approved in more than 20 countries, Japan, China, the US, EU countries and so on.
・In 2015, Construction of Shiroishi Plant was completed. (Shiroishi city, Miyagi) with the capacity of 6,000t of LIMEX annually.
・In 2016, TBM received "The Social Impact Award" by "Plug and Play Tech Center." TBM is the first organization to receive this award.
・In 2017, TBM got awarded as one of the five most "Innovation Showcase Companies" by "Japan-US Innovation Awards."

[ Paper alternative (LIMEX sheet)]
One ton of paper is made from around 20 trees and 100 tons of water while LIMEX uses almost no water and no trees. One ton of LIMEX paper is made from 0.6~0.8 tonnes of limestone and 0.2~0.4 tonnes of polyolefin resin.
*Paper manufacturer in Japan plant trees for sustainability.
*LIMEX sheet and conventional paper are different in waste disposal ways. LIMEX should be disposed of as combustible waste, not as recycling.

[ Plastic alternative (LIMEX pellet)]
・While conventional plastic is made completely from petroleum-based resin, LIMEX pellet is made mainly from limestone, which can reduce the amount of petroleum-based resin.
・Compared with petroleum-derived resin limestone costs lower.
・LIMEX sheet can be upcycled to LIMEX pellet.

[ Deposits of limestone]
・Limestone is self-sufficient in Japan and abundant around the world.

■ TBM Co., Ltd
Head Office: 2-7-17-6F, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Founded: 2011
Capital: 6.08 billion yen (Including legal capital surplus) Business description: Development, manufacture, and sales of LIMEX and LIMEX products
URL: https://tb-m.com/en

Media Contact
Takayuki SASAKI, Shun SASAKI
Corporate Communication division, TBM Co., Ltd
TEL: +81-3-3538-6777
FAX: +81-3-3538-6778
Email: infomail@tb-m.com

Source: TBM Co., Ltd


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