TBM Has Been Selected as Innovation Showcase at Japan - US Innovation Awards

TBM has been selected as a 2017 Innovation Showcase company at Japan-US Innovation Award, held at Stanford University (http://www.usjinnovate.org).

Japan US-Innovation Awards are aiming for revitalisation of innovation activities by selecting the innovational pioneering venture companies in Japan and the US.

Successful and growing startup companies such as Tesla Motors Inc., Mercari, Inc. and LINE Corporation won the awards or were selected as Innovation Showcase companies previously. TBM will continue to strengthen our business by increasing business cases internally and internationally, receiving such honorable recognition.

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"LIMEX" is new material developed by TBM Co., Ltd. ("TBM") http://tb-m.com/en which are mainly made of limestone and turned into paper and plastic alternatives without using water nor pulp. In February 2015, TBM set up its first LIMEX manufacturing plant with a grant from The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, and started selling LIMEX products. Since then, TBM has been discussing strategies for the second manufacturing plant with JGC. At the same time, TB has been working on global expansion of LIMEX business, with the launch of its first overseas office in Silicon Valley, US in July 2016 and conducting an overseas market research.

NICDP is a program established with the approval of Saudi Arabian Ministerial, which aims to support partnership between industries and diversification.

TBM has been planning to export a LIMEX plant and technology globally ("LIMEX Export Scheme"). LIMEX Export Scheme is likely to make a great contribution to create employment opportunities apart from the conservation of water resources globally. NICDP has recognised that the LIMEX Export Scheme will create non-oil related employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, that would fit the scheme of economic reform plan 'Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.' TBM and NICDP, along with JGC who has extensive experience in building plants and developing business overseas, will conduct a feasibility study toward expansion of LIEX business into Saudi Arabia. 

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