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The world of elite athletics and gourmet cuisine seldom intersect. But for Kajo A Kajevic, an acclaimed swim coach, the dive into the deep end of luxury food imports was a seamless transition. Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdowns, he united with seasoned entrepreneurs Dan Lee and Bob Farrell to establish Taycte. This culinary import venture is now transforming the American culinary landscape, introducing brands previously unavailable in the United States. Such a deep-seated passion for culinary excellence can be traced back to Kajo's roots.

Raised near the idyllic border of Italy and Croatia, Kajo's upbringing infused him with a multicultural appreciation that only a few can boast. The landscapes, traditions, and flavors of these two rich cultures shaped his early years and laid the foundation for his pursuits in excellence, be it in the swimming pool or on the dining table.

"When you're coaching an athlete at the world championship level, every detail matters. Precision, dedication, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence are non-negotiable," reflects Kajo. "It's no different in the culinary world. At Taycte, we've curated a selection that meets the standards of the most discerning connoisseurs. Each brand we partner with is a champion in its own right."

During the isolation of the 2020 lockdowns, Kajo collaborated with Bob and Dan, identifying the potential to bring European culinary excellence to the American gourmet market. While many viewed the pandemic as a pause, this trio saw a unique opportunity, leading to the birth of Taycte - a reflection of Kajo's multicultural experiences and a shared zeal for premier culinary delights.

Taycte's offerings aren't just products; they embody stories, legacies, and traditions. Every brand in Taycte's portfolio is meticulously chosen, ensuring alignment with the company's mission to bring only the best to the table. Demonstrating his dedication, Kajo personally travels, samples, and collaborates with potential partners. His multicultural roots enable him to comprehend and value the distinctiveness of each brand. From balsamic vinegars of Modena's ancient cellars to olive oils from the rolling hills of Canino, Taycte's selection mirrors Kajo's personal journey and love for unmatched quality.

For those seeking to amplify their culinary experiences, Taycte offers more than just ingredients; it provides an expedition across frontiers, to the core of time-honored traditions, and onto the plates of American gourmet aficionados. Kajo, along with Bob and Dan, believe that even in challenging times, excellence can be pursued, relished, and celebrated.

About Taycte
Founded in 2020 by Kajo, with the collaboration of Bob Farrell and Dan Lee, Taycte is a luxury culinary goods importer that specializes in forging exclusive ties with the best brands from Italy and the Mediterranean, previously not widely available in the U.S. Taycte stands as a beacon of multicultural appreciation, world-class quality, and an unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. Discover Taycte's handpicked gourmet wonders from Europe's heart.

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About Taycte

Taycte, founded in 2020 by Kajo A Kajevic with entrepreneurs Bob and Dan Lee, is a premier luxury culinary goods importer that brings the essence of Italy and Croatia's gourmet traditions to the American market. By curating exclusive selections from Modena's balsamic vinegars to Canino's premium olive oils, Taycte promises unparalleled culinary excellence and a voyage into Europe's rich gastronomic heritage.

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