Tax Defense Network, LLC Offers Valuable Insight to Taxpayers

Tax Defense Network® participated in a live television broadcast on Monday, April 11th to provide essential tax information for individuals and small businesses throughout the community. Jessie Seaman, Esq./E.A., a Managing Licensed Tax Professional for Tax Defense Network®, was on hand to dispel common tax myths which often create problems for unsuspecting taxpayers. Mrs. Seaman was interviewed on News4Jax by Nikki Kimbleton, a veteran correspondent with the station.

Monday morning’s broadcast with Tax Defense Network® was the latest in a series of media appearances by the premier tax resolution company. Last month, WJXT visited Tax Defense Network® in their Southside office, located in the Bank of America business campus. More and more, consumer groups and media outlets have been relying on professionals from Tax Defense Network® to share their expertise on important tax-related issues.

“We’re proud to offer our assistance to taxpayers, whether it’s one person or an entire business,” commented Tax Defense Network® President Joe Valinho. “Many times assistance simply means sharing information, or providing suggestions on how to tackle different types of tax issues.” The company’s policy, established by President Valinho and his brother, Vice President Frank Valinho, is to offer a no-cost consultation to all prospective clients.

“It’s important that people are able to get their questions answered in a secure, discreet fashion,” explained Vice President Frank Valinho. “We understand how awkward and stressful it can be to deal with the IRS or a state tax collection agency. We want to be able to provide our clients with helpful advice, regardless of whether or not they choose to enlist our services.” Tax Defense Network’s® client base has continued to grow over recent years, due in no small part to the company’s viewpoints on taxpayer awareness and service cost propriety. This expansion has led to the need for larger offices, as Tax Defense Network® now occupies two floors and over fifty-thousand square feet for their growing staff.

The main focus on Monday’s broadcast, though, was reducing taxpayer stress through awareness. Mrs. Seaman discussed the importance of avoiding common tax myths, such as assuming that attending college exempts you from tax responsibility. “It’s so important that people understand precisely what their tax obligations are, in order to avoid serious IRS problems down the road,” advised Mrs. Seaman, following her television appearance. “Speaking on behalf of Tax Defense Network®, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to offer some essential tax tips on News4Jax.”

While Mrs. Seaman has frequently offered her professional expertise to educate taxpayers, she also works tirelessly for underprivileged individuals who desperately need tax assistance. These endeavors are pursued in addition to her case load with Tax Defense Network®, which entails resolving a wide array of tax concerns for individuals, families, and small businesses across the nation. “I take a great deal of pride in my work; everyone has the right to affordable, professional tax assistance,” explained Mrs. Seaman. “Working for Tax Defense Network® allows me to offer services to taxpayers across the United States, who need a cost-effective, legal resolution to their state and IRS tax concerns.”

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Tax Defense Network® is a national tax resolution company that assists taxpayers with state and IRS tax issues such as tax debt, unfiled returns, wage garnishments, bank account levy and more. Its team includes a nationwide network of licensed tax professionals, available to assist taxpayers anywhere in the United States. Tax Defense Network® and is founded and headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. For more information, please visit

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