Taucoin and Golden Ally Join Together to Launch the AQP Water™ Project

The AQP Water™

Taucoin Asset Management LLC (" Taucoin "), a global financial technology company that develops blockchain-based technological solutions, and Golden Ally Lifetech Group Inc. ("Golden Ally"), a public company that produces AQP Water™ products, are announcing the formation of a strategic alliance to launch the AQP Water™ project. 

The AQP Water™ project aims to develop and distribute Aquaporin Water (AQP Water™). As part of this project, Taucoin will leverage its blockchain technology to build a platform that provides platform users access to AQP Water™.

AQP Water™ is a high-end bottled water product based on research on aquaporins, which facilitate water transport across cell membranes. More specifically, AQP Water™ has smaller water clusters that can more easily pass through aquaporins on cells. The increased permeability sets Golden Ally's AQP Water™ apart from all other water products in the market. 

Through the strategic alliance, Taucoin will begin to create a new platform for products and delivery systems to consumers. "The platform enables the consumers to interact and engage with new purchasing solutions that will change consumer marketplaces for the foreseeable future," said Benjamin Yeung, managing member of Taucoin and filer of the provisional patent on which the platform will be based. In short, the AQP Water™ project will revolutionize not only the drinking water space, but also consumer marketplaces.

About Taucoin Asset Management LLC 

Taucoin Asset Management, LLC, a registered Limited Liability Company formed under the laws of Delaware, is a global financial technology company that develops blockchain-based technological solutions for business enterprises. 

About Golden Ally Lifetech Group Inc. 

Golden Ally Lifetech Group Inc., a Delaware corporation, develops and produces AQP Water™ products by using exclusive materials and proprietary technology. 

Industry insiders commented that the AQP Water™ project marks the beginning of a new era for promoting the token economy and realizing financial equality. For more information, visit: AQP.IO

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