Tatos Launches Mobile Daily Fantasy Sports Service

Tatos launches a daily mobile fantasy sports service, delivering a unique social experience for casual sports enthusiasts.

​​​​​Song Kim, LLC. announced the launch of Tatos, a mobile social daily fantasy sports service.  Tatos players can join with friends or random players to form leagues and compete in daily events, delivering a social competitive experience for people that are passionate about the games they are watching and teams they are supporting.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players are estimated to exceed 59.3 million in the US in 2017.  Average annual spending grew to $318 per person in 2016 and is expected to continue to grow as technology fuels adoption.  However, in these games, the top 5% of players, generally known as “sharks”, take over 90% of fantasy winnings. Since sharks account for a third of the entry fees collected by large DFS companies, the companies gravitate toward feeding the sharks on the pocketbooks of casual players, who ultimately leave the gaming service out of frustration and lack of reward.

Decentralized sports contests will revolutionize how people engage with sports games with the potential to disrupt the world of team sports

Song Kim, CEO

Tatos plans to reverse this trend by focusing on casual players and their needs.  With real-time scoring updates and easy and fast league participation, a group of friends can create and compete within a matter of a couple of minutes.  Once in a league, participants can communicate with others in the league with the built-in chat capabilities and keep up with the real-time scoring updates.  Tatos also supports paid leagues where for-money daily fantasy sports are legal.

Tatos is initially launching in the US with NFL playoffs and NBA games for the 2017-2018 season but plans to launch four additional sports by 2018-2019 season.

The release of Tatos app is an important step to understand the behavior of fantasy sports players and engagement.  Tatos ambitions don’t just stop there.  The vision of Tatos is a fully decentralized sports contest platform that can be settled with real game stats.  “The DFS contests and sport bets are between two or more people.  Traditionally, house or a DFS operator facilitates these contests and bets and walks away with sizable fees often exceeding 10% of the entry fees.  With the advent of blockchain technologies and crypto currency, these contests and wagers can happen at the players level eliminating the need for these houses and their fees.  Tatos is currently busy building a platform leveraging blockchain technology to standardize these contests as smart contracts to form a way to settle these contests.” Says CEO and founder, Song Kim. “With significantly lower settlement fees, decentralized sports contests will revolutionize how people engage with sports games with the potential to disrupt the world of team sports.”

By creating a casual competitive DFS application with a decentralized vision, Tatos is poised to disrupt long standing daily fantasy sports and sports betting status quo.  Tatos is available on Android and iOS platforms today.

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