TaskShift Launches a Marketplace for Freelancers That Lets Them 'Keep 97% of Their Earnings'

The fastest growing online marketplace aims at stabilizing the volatile gig economy, enabling business owners and freelancers alike to flourish in the current economic climate.

Freelance Market Place

When the world is going through a tightening economic strain, compelling freelancers to charge higher rates and pushing struggling entrepreneurs to compensate beyond their budget, TaskShift introduces a freelance marketplace that levels the playing field, extending benefits to clients and freelancers equally.

Around 1.1 billion out of the 3.5 billion global workforce consists of freelancers, and their numbers are increasing exponentially. Even with that many freelancers working from across the globe, aspiring business owners still struggle to thrive because they find it difficult to hire a resource that meets their budget. On the other hand, freelancers cannot help but charge higher rates because they must compensate for the ridiculously high commission that other marketplaces are currently charging.

TaskShift has built its freelance marketplace with the mission of "challenging the status quo." TaskShift seeks to reduce the current volatility to a minimum by charging only 3% commission, allowing freelancers to keep 97% of what they earn. The model is not only beneficial for freelancers alone but also for businesses as "they get an abundance of offers at competitive rates, and the offers will eventually grow due to a lower commission rate," says TaskShift's Head of Operations. "It is a win-win situation for both the parties," he further added.

TaskShift involves no paid membership or subscription. Freelancers can sign up to get started and start selling. Before freelancers can post any gig or businesses can place an order, both parties are required to go through an identity verification process. It is a legal requirement that allows TaskShift to put a leash on fraudulent activities. TaskShift also guarantees secure payments and transactions as it uses the renowned Escrow service.

TaskShift marketplace is brimming with highly talented freelancers offering a myriad of services, including but not limited to logo design, website development, mobile app development, video editing, content writing, digital marketing, and display advertising, to name a few.

Source: TaskShift

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TaskShift is the fastest-growing freelance marketplace that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to startup owners to find and hire in-demand freelancers.