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Task2.com: In 2010, Task2 Incorporated launched its brand new, redesigned e-commerce website. http://www.task2.com

Task 2 has been an innovator in the office furniture industry since 1993, with a mission to provide well made products that go

beyond the current standards of functionality and design. The principal, Gary Bragato has over 20 years of experience designing,

manufacturing, and introducing novel ergonomic solutions. He works closely with industry professionals who provide inspiration for

the product line development.

T2 Dial-A-Tilt: In 2003, Task 2 introduced the T2 Dial-A-Tilt, which was quickly awarded the ADEX Platinum Award by Design

Journal. This revolutionary design was developed for the end-user to quickly and easily adjust the keyboard tray, using minimal

effort, and evaluating the tilt level. To easily meet the specific application, this mechanism can be ordered as low profile or

standard, with different track lengths and nylon glides.

Figure Series: Task 2 has designed additional award-winning products, such as the Figure Series, receiving the Best of Neo-Con

Gold Award and Design Journal's Best of Show at NeoCon 2000. The patented Figure Series was designed with occupational therapists

and biofeedback specialists, for a forearm support keyboard platform.

Micro Figure: The Micro Figure won the Platinum Award for Design Excellence by Design Journal, in 2000. The Micro Figure

incorporates exclusive Plug n' Play modular accessories with our patented Forearm Support. The articulating mechanism parts are

provided by two ISO 1000 manufacturers and have lifetime warranties. This line includes components for heavy keyboard users and is

designed for maximum lifetime use.

Task 2 incorporates advancements into its products to support employer ergonomics programs, as ergonomic issues continue to be

understood and legislation is introduced. As a result, employers meet their legal obligations, employees are more comfortable and

safe at their workstations, cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) can be minimizedm and workers compensation claims may be reduced or

eliminated. Our products are durable, easy to use, and easy to order.

Task2.com: In 2010, Task2 Incorporated launched its brand new, redesigned e-commerce website. It features a comprehensive list of

articles outlining ergonomic technology and workplace safety, contact information and online shopping. http://www.task2.com also

has an advanced ergonomic system configurator web application which allows users to fully accessorize and build a custom tailored

ergonomic system designed specifically for his or her own needs. We offer keyboard trays, keyboard mechanisms, copy holders,

monitor risers, gel wrist rests, we're a one-stop-shop for office and home office ergonomics. We offer top-quality custom designed

products at rock-bottom prices.

"We continue to be committed to our product line and customers,
as we design products for the offices of today and the future."

Task 2 Awards
2003 - T2 Dial-A-Tilt , Design Journal ADEX Platinum Award
2000 - 4-System Rotary System , Design Journal Best of Show Award
2000 - Micro Figure 4-System , Design Journal ADEX Platinum Award
1997 - Figure 1 Platfom , Design Jorunal ADEX Gold Winner
1997 - Figure Series , Best of NeoCon Gold Winner

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