TARA Biosystems Biowire™ II Heart-on-a-Chip Platform Published in CELL

Demonstrates platform's ability to engineer mature human cardiac tissue and generate models of human heart disease starting from patient iPSCs

TARA Biosystems, Inc., a company offering physiologically relevant human “heart-on-a-chip” tissue models for cardiac risk assessment and drug discovery applications, today announced the first peer-reviewed publication of its Biowire™ II platform by a team of researchers led by Milica Radisic, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto and Canada Research Chair in Functional Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering and a scientific co-founder of TARA Biosystems.

The groundbreaking research, published in the leading peer-reviewed international journal CELL, reports on the creation of multiple human heart tissue types in vitro using the Biowire™ II platform as well as the generation of tissue models of human disease from cardiomyocytes derived from induced pluripotent cells of affected patients. These engineered human tissues represent a major technological advancement toward the discovery and development of safer, more effective therapies.

“The publication of TARA’s Biowire™ II platform in the prestigious journal CELL showcases the unprecedented innovation on which TARA was founded,” commented TARA CEO Misti Ushio, Ph.D. “The CELL paper validates the ability of the Biowire™ II platform to engineer physiologically relevant cardiac tissues in vitro and to generate human relevant cardiac data. Our Biowire™ II platform is the only solution in the market today that offers accurate prediction of cardiac function across three primary applications: integrated and high fidelity cardiac testing for rapid preclinical cardiac risk assessment, disease modeling for cardiac disease drug discovery, and conducting clinical trials in vitro.”

Professor Radisic, principal author of the CELL publication, said, “The creation of complex cardiac models that accurately mimic the human heart has been a major challenge in our field. With the Biowire™ II platform, we are able to generate cardiac tissues that have tremendous potential for evaluating the safety and efficacy of new therapies and for predicting drug response.”

The paper has been published in the online version of CELL, widely regarded as one of the most rigorously peer-reviewed scientific journals, and will appear in the February 7, 2019 print issue of the journal. The paper can be accessed at https://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(18)31567-8.

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TARA Biosystems is a human heart-on-a-chip company headquartered in New York which has developed a proprietary platform of cardiac tissue models. Through these physiologically human-relevant predictive models, the company offers a variety of services and solutions that can decisively evaluate the safety and efficacy of novel biopharmaceutical drugs and strengthen the drug discovery, and development pipeline. For more information, please visit www.tarabiosystems.com.

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