Tapping Into Consumers' Needs, EveLab Insight Introduces a 3D Panoramic AI Skin Analyzer for Advanced Skincare

For Those Who Struggle to Choose Products That Align With Their Skincare Needs, a 3D AI Skin Analysis System Could Help

AI Skin Analyzer

As health and wellness have come into focus amid the global pandemic, people's perceptions of beauty have also evolved. According to a beauty insight report from Edge, 56% of consumers favor skincare products more now than they did before the pandemic. But where to start, and which products to choose? With a dazzling array of skincare brands touting the efficacy of their products, many consumers are skeptical about what to purchase. They want skincare products that will deliver the results they want, and above all, they care about trust and authenticity. Consumers aren't just looking at product ingredient lists-they want to know that the products they choose are going to work for them.

EveLab Insight, a beauty business SaaS solution provider, has recently introduced its latest innovative technology: Eve V, a 3D panoramic artificial intelligence skin analyzer. Thanks to the advancement in skin analysis developed by ERIC (Eve Research & Innovation Center, the research and innovation center of EveLab Insight), product efficacy with scientific standards is now more accessible than ever before. In mere seconds, Eve V can visualize deep into the skin's dermal layers to generate an in-depth personalized skin report of more than 35+ conditions. Compared to traditional skin analyzers in the marketplace, Eve V can more precisely measure and quantify skin laxity, including eye bags and cheek and jawline issues. It provides consumers with intuitive before-and-after product use comparisons, putting the power of managing long-term skin conditions in their hands.

In addition to its achievements in technological innovation, Eve V has gained recognition from dermatology and environmental medicine expert Jean Krutmann*. As he says, "The newly developed Eve V technology has the potential to become a game changer in Dermatology when it comes to assessing facial skin by means of state-of-the-art AI-based technologies. We are very excited to be able to use Eve V in our future research projects." 

About EveLab Insight

Our product and services will support beauty businesses. We use our AI skin diagnostic to observe and identify skincare needs, helping beauty consultants and customers to know the WHAT, WHY and HOW of achieving healthier skin.

Based on award-winning algorithms and patented technologies, EveLab Insight offers both a hand-held skin analyzer and a photo-based skin analysis app.

Explore our website to unlock more skin secrets: www.evelabinsight.com

*Jean Krutmann Founding & Scientific Director of the IUF-Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medic; Professor (C4-Professorship on life) and Chair, Environmental Medicine, Heinrich Heine University (HHU), Düsseldorf, Ger; Award winner of Dermopharmacy-Innovation-Award of the German Society  of Dermopharmacy


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