Tanaza Adds Enterprise-Like Features to TP Link Wireless Access Points

Tanaza implements a new business model for SMBs and expands its market in Asia and South America, by adding enterprise features to TP Link routers.

Tanaza targets a rising market by enhancing features on cost-effective TP Link wireless access points, more commonly used in Asia and South America. As a global provider of WLAN equipment, with approximately one billion users, TP-Link is a well-known brand of access points worldwide and their success is a result of their low cost, reliable hardware. 
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Amongst the many benefits of installing the Tanaza firmware on low-priced TP Link access points, the hardware performance will be greatly improved by the wide range of tools available for full control over the network. Tanaza empowers TP-link access points with a range of valuable features, starting with responsive authentication pages which allow for social login and Facebook login, as well as the end user dashboard that displays data analytics of a network's Wi-Fi guests, and the "Remember me" feature, that guarantees returning clients an enhanced user experience. 
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Tanaza makes Wi-Fi democratic. This is why many solution providers are choosing Tanaza: it's extremely easy and affordable, while offering enterprise features.

Sebastiano Bertani , CEO, Tanaza

Some of the high level features, usually provided only by enterprise vendors, such as the voucher-based authentication couponing system and the Wi-Fi roaming (for uninterrupted Wi-Fi across locations and Skype calling over Wi-Fi), are now also available for TP Link low cost access points (starting as low as $ 20), such as the commonly used TP Link model versions WR841N, WRN941 and TL-WA901.

As of recently, Tanaza has increased the number of TP Link hardware it supports, with new supported access points including but not limited to WDR3600, WDR4300, TL-MR3020, TL-WA860RE, TL-WA801ND, and TL-WDR3500.

Tanaza's goal is to continue to offer features that expedite and enhance a user's experience when connecting to a network.

Tanaza's multi-vendor compatibility makes the deployment and management of access points easy. Partners can deploy multiple indoor and outdoor devices in the same network while having a unique centralized dashboard to manage multiple brands of access points, including TP link, Ubiquiti, D-Link, and Mikrotik, in multiple locations." says Sebastiano Bertani, Tanaza CEO. "Tanaza makes Wi-Fi democratic. This is why many solution providers in South America and Asia are choosing Tanaza: it's extremely easy and affordable, while offering enterprise features." 

About Tanaza

Founded in 2010, the Milan-based startup Tanaza developed and brought to market the first and only multi-vendor software for cloud management of Wi-Fi Access Points and social hotspots.

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