Tamica Goree Sets the Standard for Women Who Coach Men Players at Bentonville Community College in Arkansas

​Basketball coaching is not only about giving directions to players on the court but also about developing a strong bond with every player on the team, working on their weaknesses, and building a strategy around the team’s strengths.

Coaching is usually done by a single person, sometimes with the help of assistants who help the coach find new strategies.

But coaching doesn’t just involve drawing on a board and gathering the players together in a room and explaining a strategy. Rather, coaching involves finding ways to help players succeed and keep their spirits high during hard times.

Tamica Goree explains that it’s even harder for a woman to be a coach for a team composed of men. She says it’s more challenging to create bonds and set boundaries.

“In the end, coaching is about taking a handful of boys and transforming them into men. This is not easy at all, especially when you are a woman and your authority is often doubted.”

Tamica believes that women can coach just as well as men, but they have to be equipped with enough knowledge.

She often spends hours with her assistant working on strategies that would benefit the players. Her hard work pays off, but without creating a strategy, the team is doomed.

Tamica Goree also believes that the players do need support outside the sport as well. Certain activities such as going to the movies or the local pool and more are often encouraged.

“One of the best ways to make sure your players play well is to keep them happy. It’s not all hard work. There has to be some fun as well. I can’t ask college students to leave their friends and hobbies behind to train non-stop for a game. I want my players to think about the future as well, even to think about a career in basketball. Anything that contributes to their happiness and well-being is extremely beneficial for the team.”

There are many options for students who want to join certain clubs or take classes that boost their creativity at Bentonville Community College.

On top of that, students also have the opportunity to use their free time to learn a little bit more about building a resume and developing a successful career. They take part in workshops and job fairs.

Tamica Goree is aware of the fact that few women are coaching men, but she believes that there is a place for women in the industry as well.

“As a coach, I think I bring something different to the table when compared to a man. While I hate stereotypes, I did notice that male coaches are a little bit more aggressive, and this can be detrimental to the team. In my experience, honest feedback and encouragement work best. This way, we mold players into being confident in their skills no matter what happens after a game.”

Despite her “gentle” emotional approach, Tamica Goree is not as gentle on the court. She makes sure that during training, players give more effort, are more aggressive in their attacks, and practice a more intense version of the game.

The coach states that by putting the players under extreme conditions she prepares them for hardships during the game.

“I want my players to be used to running faster and giving 110 percent. Sometimes, they will be forced to during the game. They will meet teams that have years of experience and would do anything to win the game. I want my team to be ready to face those players.”

Tamica Goree works hard to bring the best out of her team and she is confident that soon enough, more and more women will coach male teams as well.

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