Tamica Goree Changing the Lives of Talented Basketball Players With Help From John Lucas Enterprises

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​​​​​In the world of basketball, players sometimes need proper guidance and preparation for high levels of play. Former basketball coach and player, Tamica Goree, knows the pressure can be overwhelming for some players.

"Success on the court opens doors for other opportunities," says Goree. "A player that's experiencing success can become overwhelmed with the attention at an early point in their careers. That's where people like myself come into play to mentor these players."

Watching players move to the high level of competition and succeed is humbling and rewarding.

Tamica Goree

Goree has helped hundreds of players over the years become ready for the next level of their careers. She has worked with talented middle school players and their preparation for high school success, and also high school players thinking about playing in college. Each level has their own set of unique challenges that Goree tackles with each player.

Her expert knowledge was a fixture with John Lucas Enterprises and his clinic known as Camp Right Way. This camp helped seventh and eighth-grade boys become familiar with the trials and tribulations of succeeding at the high school level.

"In today's scouting world, players become recognized at a young age," says Goree. "These players become hounded by scouts for attention for their respective high schools and sometimes colleges."

Because of this fact, Goree stresses young players who have more talent at their age should be consulting with a person with Goree's resume. This guidance ensures the player and their family do not make any mistakes in the process.

"The family of a player is new to the situation too," adds Goree. "They have the best interests of their son or daughter, but can be persuaded by outside people who only have their best interests in mind."

While working for Lucas and Camp Right Way, Goree and other members of the team prepared these young players for high school basketball. The goal of the clinic became to teach these players the combination of advanced skills training and playing organized games over a two-day span.

Having worked with hundreds of players, Goree has seen successful careers and players not living up to the hype. She has also seen players throw away promising careers due to poor work ethic and poor decisions.

"Mixing sophomoric attitude or drama off-the-court can lead to a player never living up to their advanced talent," says Goree. "Unfortunately, these type of situations do take place in the world of sports. Because of this fact, it's crucial for the guidance I provide to become ingrained in their minds."

Goree does stress to minimize the distractions when it comes to a player enjoying a high level of success, but also schoolwork. Having the grades to play becomes an essential aspect of the middle and high school periods.

"If a player cannot make grades, they cannot play," says Goree. "Training a player on the court takes a backseat to academics."

Also in her training and development, Goree offers classroom time away from the court. The players have the talent, but academics sometimes become overlooked by parents and coaches. Also, players can become so focused on becoming a better player that they slack on academics.

"Colleges today want smart student-athletes," adds Goree. "Just because a player has the talent to play in college does not mean they will if they cannot make the grade."

For the success stories, Goree takes pride watching a player move among the levels of basketball. Also, these relationships continue as the player gets older as Goree keeps track on every player she has coached or trained.

"Watching players move to the high level of competition and succeed is humbling and rewarding," says Goree. "That's the goal of my teachings is to have these players on the best avenue to success for their life."

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