Talos Systems Unveils Beta Program for New Kubernetes Operating System

New Startup Focuses on Improved Performance and Security for Kubernetes

Talos Systems Inc. today announced a beta release of its first product, Talos, a modern operating system for Kubernetes infrastructure designed to improve performance, reliability and security. The new streamlined operating system for Kubernetes provides developers and data center administrators with an immutable, minimal and secure platform on any host: cloud, virtual or metal. The Kubernetes infrastructure market cap is currently sized at over $2 billion, with Talos positioned to take advantage of the $100 billion market for tools that provide multi-cloud capabilities.

“Talos is the only API-based operating system built from the ground up to support Kubernetes,” said Timothy Gerla, co-founder and CEO at Talos Systems. “Building and managing a solid, cross-platform Kubernetes environment is difficult and error-prone, and Talos has been designed to reduce the risk and component churn compared to legacy operating systems. Our customers are hungry for a simple, supportable platform to run Kubernetes, and we are building a set of tools to support that need.”

In development for two years, Talos is an open-source platform licensed under the Mozilla Public License. The Talos beta release, available now, will enable rolling upgrades, ARM support for computing on the edge and many other important features for various Kubernetes infrastructure configurations. For additional security, Talos provides a reduced attack surface and a predictable upgrade path using immutable containers and is designed from the ground up to be evolvable and flexible.

Coinciding with the Talos beta release, Talos Systems has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a member and its Certified Kubernetes Program. The CNCF is a global, vendor-neutral organization with a clear mission -- to make cloud native computing ubiquitous by fostering and sustaining an ecosystem of open-source, vendor-neutral projects that contribute toward that goal.

"We are pleased to welcome Talos Systems to the CNCF," said Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. "We look forward to partnering with Talos as they work to have their API-based OS bring additional performance, security and flexibility to the Kubernetes ecosystem."

Founded in 2019 by Andrew Rynhard, Brad Beam and Timothy Gerla, Talos enters the market with funding secured from a number of serial entrepreneurs and software executives. Tim previously co-founded Ansible Inc., the popular IT automation product acquired by Red Hat in 2015 for over $100 million. The Talos board of directors includes Saïd Ziouani, a co-founder of Ansible, and Steve Francis, founder of LogicMonitor, a successful monitoring platform based in Santa Barbara, California.

For more information on Talos, visit the Talos Systems website.

Check out Talos on Twitter and GitHub.

About Talos Systems

Talos is a modern open-source operating system for Kubernetes, providing API-based management, improved security and a predictable and consistent user experience across multiple cloud environments and other kinds of infrastructure. Talos Systems is based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and was founded in 2019 by Kubernetes experts Andrew Rynhard and Brad Beam, and Timothy Gerla, previously co-founder of Ansible and a veteran of open-source infrastructure.

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