Talent Quest Karaoke Singing Contest Contracting Director of Operations for International Affairs

CEO's of the USA based Talent Quest Karaoke Singing Contest, Allan MacDonald and Denise Franklin announced today that Cindy Bellelli of Bellelli Productions will be joining Talent Quest as the Director of Operations for International Affairs.

Allan MacDonald states “Bellelli Productions specializes in Karaoke Contests. Cindy has been organizing and producing successful local, state, regional, national and international Karaoke contests since 2008 and we are excited to have her on board with Talent Quest this year”.

Cindy’s main focus in 2015 will be to get new venues, KJs and singers from around the world  involved.  She will also be talking to other country event organizers and sponsors about possibly hosting an annual Talent Quest International Contest in other countries in 2016 or 2017.

Cindy is well known in the Karaoke industry and has a reputation for creating fun, positive and memorable Karaoke events for the contestants, friends, family and fans that attend her events.  Cindy has TV experience as she was a producer on the ABC TV Show Karaoke Battle USA.  She has a large international Karaoke network for she has been involved in four international Karaoke contests including Finland, Russia, Ireland and Sweden.

Talent Quest also welcomes the new North East Region Director, Erica Lafay who will be working on marketing, promoting and contacting potential venues, KJs and singers as well as managing Talent Quest hosting venues in the north eastern states and around the world.

Erica states, “I have been immersed in the karaoke/music scene for a very long time and have worked with many professional companies over the years.  I am extremely excited to be a part of Talent Quest.  I truly believe that this is an excellent platform for all aspiring amateur singers all around the world to showcase their talent. I feel very fortunate to be working alongside Ms Cindy Bellelli and feel very confident that this will be yet another success!”

Talent Quest was founded 15 years ago and is the largest Karaoke Singing Contest in the U.S.A with dedicated hosting venues and sponsors.  For more information about how venues, KJs, promoters and sponsors can host Talent Quest contests or how  singers can compete, please visit the website at talentquest.org or contact Cindy Bellelli at cindy.bellelli@gmail.com or 575-740-2016 (9am to 9pm).