TALENT JOGGER Announces Launch of Its Lightweight & Stylish 100% Merino Wool Shoes

Today, footwear experts TALENT JOGGER announced the launch of its new lightweight 100% Merino wool shoes. Taking advantage of the natural benefits of Merino wool, TALENT JOGGER combines tradition and technology in a stylish, comfortable, and versatile new shoe. Available now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/talent-jogger/talent-jogger-100-merino-wool-shoes-with-comfort-and-style.

Merino wool is a natural fiber from Merino sheep that is produced on farms in Australia. It is thinner and softer than other wools and has natural insulation and moisture-wicking characteristics that make it extremely comfortable to wear next to the skin. Because of this, it has long been utilized in winter coats, fine scarves, and winter gloves. Now, TALENT JOGGER has applied this amazing natural, renewable material to footwear along with cutting-edge technologies to create the ultimate shoe.

TALENT JOGGER wraps every part of the feet in the supple comfort and snug support of 100% Merino wool for the lining, the exterior vamp, and the uppers. They easily repel water splashes thanks to their bio-based "Teflon Water-Repellent Tech," while still maintaining breathability, and they provide the soothing warmth that wool is famous for.

“Merino wool is regarded as the finest and softest wool in the world and has natural benefits unique to it that are not found in any other fiber - natural or artificial. It’s warm, comfortable, and breathable and, because of this, it’s the material of choice for winter garments and outerwear. We created TALENT JOGGER with the idea to take the benefits and comfort of Merino wool and add high-tech features to create the ultimate footwear - something versatile enough for everyday use and stylish enough for any occasion,” said Eric Ni, CEO of TALENT JOGGER.

One drawback to traditional wool shoe construction is the fact that typical wools are bulky and heavy. TALENT JOGGER eliminates bulk by using the finer Merino wool and avoids heaviness with a number of high-tech innovations. It uses a dual-layer Otholite insole that combines wool for the footbed and a bottom layer of air pockets for lightweight comfort. It then applies a Hive-Impact™ outsole construction with hexagon cavities for a lighter and more supportive sole. Finally, a unibody design rubberized EVA outsole compound puts the shoe to the ground while providing excellent abrasion performance and running-shoe elasticity.

The overall result is an incredibly comfortable shoe with breathability, excellent foot and ankle support, and fashionable looks. These chic new shoes are casual enough for everyday wear, but stylish enough for more formal occasions. If one could have only a single pair of shoes that could do it all, TALENT JOGGER would be the choice that fits.

TALENT JOGGER 100% Merino wool shoes are available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/talent-jogger/talent-jogger-100-merino-wool-shoes-with-comfort-and-style.

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