Take the Lingoda Language Sprint™ to Prep for Summer Travel

Students learn how to speak a new language confidently in just two months before their summer vacation and can win up to 100% cashback

Lingoda Language Sprint™

With travel season just around the corner, Lingoda, the popular online language school, today announced its upcoming Language Sprint™ to get travelers up to speed in a desired language before traveling abroad. Choosing from four languages - Spanish, French, German, English and Business English - language learners can join the Lingoda Sprint™ or Super Sprint challenge, dramatically improve language speaking confidence in just two months and even have the chance of winning up to 100% cashback.

Lingoda's exclusive Sprint™ program includes 15 language classes per month while the Super Sprint is even more intense with 30 classes per month. Both Sprint™ programs are designed to get travelers up to speed faster in a new language with up to one language class per day. If travelers follow the Sprint™ rules and attend all classes, travelers can receive up to 50% cashback as a Sprinter and even 100% cashback as a successful Super Sprinter. 

"Our curricula at Lingoda are designed to get you speaking as soon and as much as possible," says Philippa Wentzel, Curriculum Team Lead at Lingoda. "We know that what you're really looking for when learning a new language is how to navigate real life situations. With our courses being centered around human interaction and maximum conversation time, you will take your speaking confidence to the next level within a matter of weeks. We also rotate teachers and students from more than 120 countries to expose you to a range of accents and speaking styles to build language confidence in any context, which will prove useful when trying out your new language skills abroad," Wentzel adds.

Lingoda offers live and online group and private classes available 24/7 with the support of 1,500 qualified, native-level teachers. All language classes are 60 minutes long and with Lingoda's 24/7 availability, students can book classes at times that suit the student's schedule, day or night, weekday or weekends. All students need is a laptop or computer, and a good internet connection. 

Available at any language learning level, students  can choose to begin learning a new language from scratch or brush up on already existing language skills to get students ready for the upcoming summer travel season. Class content can include learning how to make introductions, how to ask for directions and how to order at a restaurant, which may just be what students need before traveling abroad this summer. 

Signups for the next Sprint™ close on June 2, 2022. Lingoda's Language Sprint™ and Super Sprint start every month. Find out more about the Lingoda Language Sprint™ here

Susanne Börensen
International PR Manager 

Source: Lingoda


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