Take Meetings Out of the Boardroom With SoapBox for iOS

Collaborate on shared meeting agendas, take meeting notes and organize all team meetings and one-on-ones in one place.

SoapBox for iOS makes being a manager easy, natural and fun.

SoapBox, the manager’s toolkit trusted by companies like Wayfair, Twitter and Foodora, is revolutionizing meetings with its new mobile app, launching this week for iOS (Android to be launched soon).

With SoapBox for iOS, teams can:

  • Set up meetings and add agenda items when they’re top-of-mind
  • Review their entire week’s meeting schedule at a glance
  • Know how their teammates are feeling at all times with instant notifications
  • Take meeting notes quickly and easily – no laptop required!

The new SoapBox mobile app was created specifically with one-on-one meetings in mind.

“One-on-ones are getting more and more informal,” explains CTO Graham McCarthy. “They don’t always happen in a boardroom. But managers still need a way to reference their agenda and take notes, or the meeting becomes less effective.”

Team meetings also benefit from going off-site.

“A change in environment helps to shift the team’s thinking patterns,” explains CEO Brennan McEachran. “So when you move your team meeting to a nearby cafe, or even a park bench, you’ll unearth some exciting new ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise tapped into.”

SoapBox for iOS brings one-on-ones and team meetings out of the boardroom with a beautiful and easy-to-use interface and real-time notifications. Plus, the basic plan is free to use – so managers around the world can shake off the boardroom shackles today!

About SoapBox

SoapBox is the manager's toolkit for staying organized and prepared – every single day. We make being a manager easier, natural and fun with our platform for better one-on-ones, team meetings and company-wide discussions. Visit soapboxhq.com for more info.

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