Take Creative Control Releases New Report on Lack of Economic Equality for Online Creators

In the last 10 years, online platforms have empowered a new generation of creators—from bloggers to video makers, podcasters to recipe developers—to build their own businesses and share their work with millions of people. With economic opportunities that rival those in traditional offline industries, the ability to earn a living independently is unprecedented. 

Now, a first-of-its-kind kind report has been published by Take Creative Control (TCC) to analyze and understand the economic outlook of online creators. Utilizing research from Sonecon that was commissioned by TCC and the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice - the released findings illustrate this industry's enormous economic potential while highlighting significant inequalities and inequities that policymakers and content-sharing platforms can address. These findings are based on a comprehensive data analysis of 11.1 million creators across all types of online platforms who earned $23.6 billion in total in 2020, with the average online creator earning just $2,097 in 2020.

The report also finds that while representation is fairly equal, earnings are not. The top 1% of creators earn more than 20% of all creator earnings. It illustrates that while people of color make up 30.9% of all earners, they only earn 28.6% of total income paid to creators.  Overall, 81.2% of creators who earned income online took home less than $1,000, while just 4% percent earned over $100,000. 

These findings underscore the urgent need for policy and platform reforms to ensure that the democratization of the internet and access to support can lead to improved economic outlooks for all creators.  

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Source: Take Creative Control

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