TailgatingRentals.com Enables Concert Goers to Host Hassle-Free Tailgate Parties in NJ, NY & PA

Tailgatingrentals.com by Man Cave Events, LLC., now allows fans & concert goers to enjoy a one of a kind tailgating experience without the need to own, transport, setup or clean essential equipment like tables, chairs, tents, grills or tailgating games. Luxury upgrade options include a custom tailgating trailer with TV's & private restroom.

Tailgating for concerts, football games and other sporting events has soared in popularity over the last decade with many people valuing the tailgating experience more than the event. With an increased emphasis on the pre-event tailgate party has come the need to step up the tailgate party provisions. In many cases this is simply unacheivable due to lack of supplies owned or even not having a large enough vehicle to transport them along with your group.

TailgatingRentals.com, by Man Cave Events, LLC., now provides tailgating enthusiasts with the means to carry out their tailgate party desires with several packages to meet various needs and budgets. Ultimate tailgating experiences can quickly become a reality with the rental of the Mobile Man Cave Tailgating Trailer, equipped with 3 TV's with satellite programming, PA system, video gaming system, keg taps, tables, chairs, tents and everyone's favorite, a private restroom with hand wash sink. Other more economical packages for basic needs are offered as well like the Varsity Package which offers tent(s), tables and chairs. All rentals include delivery, setup and pickup to reduce your pre and post event stress and lighten the load of your trip to and from the event venue.

"Tailgating should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, including the host," said Man Cave Events, LLC founder Marvin Hyer Jr. "Too many times we find that the host winds up stressed and dreading the next tailgate. With tailgatingrentals.com, we make it not only easy and enjoyable for all, but affordable when factoring in all of the items that go in to a top notch tailgate. We strive to make you comfortable during any season and your tailgating neighbors envious."

Reserving tailgating rentals for 2015 spring and summer concerts is simple and can be done by visiting www.tailgatingrentals.com,  www.mancaveevents.com or by calling 908-458-7123.