Tabula Rasa Ventures Launches First Psychedelic Business Incubator

Recipients to Be Awarded with Mentorship, Access to Influencers and Other Resources

Tabula Rasa Ventures

Tabula Rasa Ventures, a venture capital firm dedicated to building an impact-focused, community-led psychedelic industry, announced the launch of its incubator program designed to: further the development of businesses in the psychedelic industry through executive mentorship; increase diversity and inclusion within the psychedelic ecosystem, and develop an infrastructure to assist entrepreneurs without access to traditional capital.

"Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs with tools, resources, and relationships necessary to grow their businesses in a new, complex industry that requires deep knowledge of psychedelic research, history, culture, and economic forces," said Tabula Rasa Ventures Founder Marik Hazan. "These entrepreneurs are building a foundation for an impact-first ecosystem, and we are excited to help place each candidate in the strongest possible position for the future."

During the three-month program, recipients will experience:

  • access to Tabula Rasa Ventures executives, advisors, connections and networking opportunities;

  • high-level mentorship and training from experts in and outside of the psychedelic industry;

  • unmatched visibility into trends, proprietary research, data and tools, and

  • advice on managing growth, team development, investor relations, governance and strategic planning.

The incubator has taken on seven participants, three in the exploratory phase, and four full startups.

The participants:

Speak AI; Toronto, ON; Tyler Bryden; Speak is a speech analysis software company that extracts powerful insights like personality, tone, and clarity from audio, video, and text. Organizations and people use Speak to create, analyze, and index their content so they can gain an awareness of how they are being perceived and connect more deeply in their communication.

PsyX; Berlin; Tanja Schomann; PSYx is a multidisciplinary platform of premier practitioners, collaborating with pioneering individuals, organizations and communities. They future-proof and future-fit leadership, innovation and systems, through the rigorous, purposeful application of science-backed psychoactive technologies, to converge current complexities into synergistic solutions, for personal, professional and planetary prosperity.

MEU; San Francisco, CA; Sarah Hashkes; Meu is the first immersive social platform that is based on 3D human movements. The team's technology channels movement data, letting people play and interact with each other's 3D movements augmented by neuroscience-based filters and mini-games. Meu's platform utilizes the latest immersive technology to increase the bandwidth of human connection, allowing people to interact and play with each other's movements beyond space and time.

Psychedelic Insights; Amsterdam; Luc van Poelje; Psychedelic Insights provides private, single-day psychedelic sessions with psychological guidance for a safe psychedelic experience. They use specific truffles and custom dosages to maintain consistent results for client safety and provide integration and aftercare programs.

Exploratory; Philadelphia; PA; Hannah McLane

Exploratory; Oakland, CA; Kufikiri Imara

Exploratory; San Francisco, CA; Martín Polanco

For more information or to apply for Fall 2020, visit:

About Tabula Rasa Ventures

Tabula Rasa Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to building an impact-focused, community-led psychedelic industry by responsibly investing across the psychedelic ecosystem.


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