Table Scraps, Dry Food, and a Side of Guilt! Feeding Habits of US Dog Owners Revealed

BarkHappy shares new data after surveying its mobile app users about dog food preferences

Dog Treat Bone

BarkHappy, the free mobile app helping dog lovers discover and experience the dog friendly world around them, shared survey results today on the dog food preferences and habits of dog owners nationwide. Results of the simple survey of BarkHappy app users sheds light on interesting dog-feeding trends, such as where dog owners buy dog food and the types of food they are feeding their pets.

The results:

  • What type of dog food is being fed ? Dry dog food is most popular (60% of respondents feed dry food vs other types like canned/wet food)  but 20% feed their dogs Raw or Fresh/Human Grade food
  • Table scraps or no table scraps?  Over 60% of dog owners surveyed feed their pets table scraps or bites of their own food, but half of these people actually feel guilty about it
  • Where to buy dog food? 1 in 5 dog lovers say they now buy their dog food online or via subscription services, though local and national pet stores are still the top choice

Your Dog Ate What?

As part of the survey, BarkHappy also asked dog owners to share stories of the more outlandish things their dogs have eaten.  From cement and glitter, to poisonous spiders and false teeth, hundreds of stories were submitted. Some of the best – and most shocking – are highlighted in this blog article about crazy things dogs have eaten found on the BarkHappy website.

The BarkHappy App

The BarkHappy mobile app is available free nationwide and recently surpassed a major milestone 60,000 users that have created profiles for their dogs, after only 6 months since launching in the US.  Not only does it allow users to discover other dogs nearby but it boasts a dog friendly crowd-sourced map with more than 27,000 dog friendly places in 45 major U.S. cities. The map shows dog friendly restaurants, bars, pet stores, hotels, vets and more. It also includes unique information such as hotel pet policies, or if a restaurant has water bowls or allows dogs indoors.  BarkHappy enables users to create group play dates and see upcoming dog friendly events from BarkHappy and its charity partners.  The company has held over 100 dog friendly charity events in cities across the US over the past year. Each monthly event supports a local rescue shelter and is designed for people to enjoy with their dogs featuring activities like doggy treat or ice cream eating contests.

About the Survey

The survey was conducted online by BarkHappy Inc. with over 1200 responses from BarkHappy app users in the US. The survey was completed in February 2017.  For additional information on the survey, please contact

About BarkHappy Inc:

BarkHappy Inc. seeks to foster an active and connected community of dogs and dog owners through real-life experiences, while also creating a platform for dog-friendly businesses. The company was founded in 2013 by Ninis Samuel and is headquartered in Austin, TX. The BarkHappy app launched nationwide in 2016. Ninis spent 12 years as a marketing executive at Fortune 500 tech companies. He was inspired by his dog Kerby, a rescue, to combine his tech experience with his love for dogs to create the BarkHappy app. The app is available free in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play store.

For more information on BarkHappy: Press Contact  

Source: BarkHappy Inc.


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BarkHappy inc. is based in Austin, TX. It launched its free mobile app for dog owners in June 2016. The app helps discover dog friendly places, charity events, and connect with other dog owners.

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