Table Needs Launches Service to Help Restaurateurs Establish New Restaurant Businesses With Ease

Table Needs Inc. announces today the launch of Table Needs Filer. In partnership with Legalzoom, Table Needs Filer helps restaurateurs establish an LLC, file with their state, and create operating agreements and other key business documentation required to launch a new business in just a few clicks.

"I'm especially excited about Table Need Filer because I know first-hand how complex it is to start a new restaurant," says Ben Simmons, co-founder and CEO of Table Needs, restaurant consultant and owner of multiple quick-service restaurants. 

Opening a restaurant requires dozens of permits, licenses and registrations, as well as securing funding, finding a location, contracting with suppliers, staffing, insurance, and much more. Establishing a business entity, like a limited liability corporation (LLC), is often required before the restaurant owner can move forward in the process. Table Needs Filer eases that process.

"Table Needs Filer is an exciting addition to our growing suite of services designed to streamline the business of operating a restaurant from Day 1 to Day 1,001 and beyond," says David Frahm, COO of Table Needs. "Starting off on the right foot is critically important from both a legal and financial standpoint."

Through Table Needs, restaurant owners can now secure essential paperwork required to open a restaurant; set up a POS complete with online ordering, menu management and KDS; easily manage their books and finances; and deploy target marketing and advertising. 

"Having a company like Table Needs that's already laser-focused on the restaurant industry available to help navigate opening a restaurant is a huge advantage to new and prospective restaurant owners," added Simmons.

Table Needs, Inc. is a fast-growing provider of restaurant technology and business services for quick-service restaurants, coffee shops and food trucks. Their growing suite of products includes point of sale, commission-free online ordering, digital menu management, time clock, payroll, digital marketing, accounting and more. Learn more at

Source: Table Needs Inc.

About Table Needs

Table Needs, Inc. is a fast-growing provider of restaurant technology and business services for quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks. Built to grow with your business without requiring disruptive updates or hardware overhauls, restaurants can start where they are and add on features, like commission-free online ordering, sales tax automation, cash discount program, staff management, digital marketing, bookkeeping, and more, as goals and growth develop. For more information about Table Needs, visit

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