Tabio: Your Tab to Go

Tabio allows users to open, view, split, and close their bar tabs and will improve the life of its bar patrons starting next month in Southern California. Using the app (iOS and Android), customers are able to check in at their local bar, easily open a tab with the payment method of choice, and keep track of their orders without any hassle. Customers can focus purely on the party, not the payment.

Tabio eliminates the inconvenience of lost payment cards, splitting the bill between friends, and lets users pay and leave the bar without waiting around for the bill. This creates happy customers and shorter wait times for service, with an increase in customers served per hour, in turn leading to higher revenues for establishments. Using Tabio ensures a more lively night for crowds and a more efficient night for bartenders.

The original idea behind the app was to increase the ease of connectivity between consumers and their night out. Due to the ever expanding generation of tech-savvy individuals along with the growing popularity of mobile payments, the founders of Tabio, Michael Duong and Corey Greth, knew there was a huge void to fill. Similar to technologies like Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, Venmo, and even Uber, Tabio users won’t need cash nor credit to pay for beverages and can ultimately leave their wallet at home.

Just as Uber changed how people find safe and affordable ways to get from one place to the next, Tabio will revolutionize the way people look at tabs. In the future, their hope is to bring the app to all aspects of the restaurant and service industry. Tabio will be available for free download in the App Store in early April.

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