Taber Innovations Group Successfully Demonstrates Pioneering OWL System, Reinventing First Responder Situational Awareness

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On Friday, in an impressive display of technological prowess, Taber Innovations Group LLC (TIG), a Las Vegas Nevada based technology company, unveiled its groundbreaking Over Watch Locator™ (OWL™) system to an enthralled audience in Lebanon, Tennessee. This event heralds a new era in safety and efficiency for first responders, offering an unparalleled level of situational awareness.

Addressing a Historical Challenge

For generations, incident commanders have faced immense challenges in maintaining accurate, real-time awareness of their teams' positions during critical operations. The OWL™ system, underpinned by TIG's patented LEAP™ technology, provides an answer to this long-standing problem. "OWL™ is more than just a product; it's a reflection of our commitment to those who put their lives on the line for us daily," commented Phil Taber, founder of TIG and a 22-year combat veteran of the USAF.

A Leap Ahead with LEAP™

 TIG's demonstration showcased OWL's robust real-time tracking, offering incident commanders an immediate visual on team movements and positions. Its versatility extends to various professionals, from firefighters to underground workers and event safety personnel. Furthermore, the system's interoperability fosters collaboration across services, ensuring cohesive coordination during joint operations.

Local Collaboration Proves Crucial

A highlight of Friday's demonstration was the strong collaboration between TIG and the Lebanon Fire Department (LFD). Chief Jason Baird of Lebanon Fire Department noted, "I know for firefighters, everything needs to be simplistic, quick, and practical and [TIG] has hit all three. [LFD] is very impressed with the technology."

Looking to the Future 

With an eye on revolutionizing the protocols of over 30,000 municipal fire departments nationwide, TIG aims to not only introduce this groundbreaking tech but also foster continued engagement with its data storage and Visualized Incident Replay system.

Join the Revolution 

Taber Innovations Group extends an invitation to potential investors and collaborators keen on participating in a transformative journey, ensuring the safety and amplified efficiency of our first responders. For further information, please visit and

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