TÜV Hessen & Picus Security Agreed to Provide Cybersecurity Efficiency Assessment Services

Two leading companies will serve together to provide insight into cybersecurity readiness and offer guidance on quickest route to fix gaps

TUV Hessen & Picus Security Partnership

Picus Security, the leading Continuous Security Validation vendor, and Germany’s leading Technical Inspection and Certification Association TUV Hessen reached an agreement to provide cybersecurity efficiency assessment services to companies in Germany and Austria.

One widespread problem in the cybersecurity arena is, even though companies significantly invest in security control technologies, there is no practical way of measuring and knowing the protection level gained in return. To tackle this problem, TUV Hessen will provide companies with a detailed insight into their cybersecurity readiness and guidance on the quickest route to build resilient cybersecurity control infrastructures by using the innovative Picus Platform.

The Picus Platform offers an easy-to-use and intuitive management console and a flexible provisioning infrastructure for Managed Security Service Providers to help them deploy and quickly start delivering Continuous Security Validation services for a large customer base, without the need for significant initial and operational costs.  

"The strategic alliance with TUV Hessen is a milestone for Picus Security and at the same time an incentive to transform companies safely into digitization. We are very proud of our partnership with one of the most traditional companies in Germany and will do everything to the best of our knowledge and conscience to support TUV Hessen to realize its mission," commented Ottavio Camponeschi, VP Global Sales, Picus Security.

"In line with our 150-year-old tradition, our social mission has been to take responsibility for people and the environment. In the 21st century, this mission will be extended to the digital world for the protection of society and companies. With our LION platform and the Picus Security Alliance, we want to expand our position as a strategic partner for cybersecurity and information security in Germany," said Erwin Blumenauer, Member of the Board, TUV Hessen CFO.

About Picus Security Inc.

Founded in 2013, Picus is backed by ACT-VC, Social Capital and ScaleX Ventures, having sales headquarters in San Francisco, USA, and Ankara, TR. Picus is pioneering Continuous Security Validation to help enterprises enhance their security posture by simulating attacks and providing fast mitigation options for existing controls. The company has been serving the largest banks, retail companies, government agencies, and military organizations across the globe. Picus is also shortlisted by Gartner in several reports including the Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Market Report. For more information visit www.picussecurity.com, or reach out to us at info@picussecurity.com.

About TUV Hessen

Based in Darmstadt, TUV Hessen has offices throughout the states of Hesse, Thuringia, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Hamburg, as well as in Korea. The team comprises 1,300 experts working at over 90 different locations. TÜV Hessen’s operative business is delivered by the following divisions; Cyber Security, Life Service, Management Systems, Auto Service, Industry Service, and Real Estate. For more information visit https://www.tuev-hessen.de

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