T.U.K. Shoes - Introducing a Signature Composition for the Most Beloved Line of Creeper Shoes

T.U.K. Shoes have come out with another signature style creeper shoes line called the ViVA Creepers. The use of advanced technology and lightweight construction and composition has helped them transform the creeper into stylish and comfortable product. They have successfully continued their legacy of offering the most edgy and vibrant styles.

Creepers were first used by the British soldiers in the World War Two. They were originally created to be used in the desert by the army. Few years down the line and creepers have come to be loved as a unique fashion statement. T.U.K. Shoes is a San Diego based footwear company that offers a wide range of footwear selection for men, women and children. Among some of their signature products are the historic creepers.

Their shoe styles range contains creepers shoes, heels, wedges, platforms, boots and are inspired by the underground: made for bands, music fanatics, individuals with eclectic tastes, punks and pin-ups. The firm offers a huge range of style from traditional classics to modern upstairs, constantly providing creative style with a gritty edge. In their products one can find the most original collection of of footwear for all with style that originated in England but were raised in California. Inspired by the underground, their shoes are made for those looking to make an impact on their audience. T.U.K. Shoes are very popular among bands, music fanatics, and individuals with eclectic tastes, punks and pin ups.

T.U.K. Shoes has recently introduced their new lineup of creeper shoes for their customers. With the ViVA Creepers, the company looks to introduce an updated composition and construction concept. The new offering introduces a more modern, versatile and higher quality of the beloved creeper. The newest offering will feature styles that are created with mold injected Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate mid soles and rubber outsoles. And unlike the classic creepers with Thermal Plastic Rubber outsoles that have a heavy and inflexible composition, the ViVA will give a more flexible and lightweight experience. The additional strip of rubber also promises higher durability along with quality. The ViVA also features a characteristically large surface area and depth of the original sole. But the application of new material technology makes a significant difference to the original composition of the shoe making them flexible and about one pound lighter than the original creeper shoes style. The new construction of T.U.K. Shoes ViVA creepers is designed to transition the classic styling into an advanced, wearable shoe without compromising the overall shape and style of the traditional creeper. Customers will feel a major difference in the weight, flexibility and overall comfort that the shoe provides. The styles will continue to be the most diverse, bold and the signature features of T.U.K. Shoes edgy aesthetics. For more information on their wide selection of creeper footwear visit http://www.tukshoes.co.uk/

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