T Solution Japan Launched Crowdfunding Campaign at INDIEGOGO.

T Solution Japan launched a crowdfunding campaign of the world's first back-typing Bluetooth keyboard T-BLADE™ at the crowdfunding platform of INDIEGOGO. INDIEGOGO is one of the largest crowdfunding platform in the United States.

T-BLADE, the World's First Back-typing Bluetooth Keyboard for iPads

​T Solution Japan Corp. (Shinnosuke Taguchi, President & CEO, hereinafter referred to as TSJ) announced today that TSJ launched a crowdfunding campaign of the world’s first back-typing Bluetooth keyboard T-BLADE™ at the crowdfunding platform of INDIEGOGO. INDIEGOGO is one of the largest crowdfunding platform in the United States.

TSJ plans to launch T-BLADE™ in Japan in autumn of 2016. Then TSJ will start shipping into overseas market in spring of 2017. Before the sales to general consumers, TSJ decided to conduct a crowdfunding campaign of T-BLADE™ at INDIEGOGO which is a crowdfunding platform located in San Francisco in the United States.

INDIEGOGO is one of the two major crowdfunding platform in the United States. Total fund raising at INDIEGOGO platform reached around 950 million US dollars since 2008 until now.

T-BLADE™ is intended for Apple’s iPad Air 2 and 9.7 inch iPad Pro users. By mounting T-BLADE™ on iPads, TSJ is confident of remarkably expanding the potential as a mobile device without impairing the original stylish design, operability and performance.


Perks to backers

In this crowdfunding campaign, TSJ provides the T-BLADE™ as perks to backers. TSJ expects that the campaign works as a pre-sales marketing, as well. TSJ prepares three different colors ofT-BLADE™ as perks at the campaign. They are Galaxy Silver, Motion Blue and Passion Red. Galaxy Silver and Motion Blue are the standard colors, and thus will be available after the official release. However, Passion Red T-BLADE™ is limited edition for INDIEGOGO campaign. Passion Red T-BLADE™ is available at INDIEGOGO campaign only.

INDIEGOGO Special Passion Red

Price: US$199.- + Shipping

Available Unit: 1000

Each INDIEGOGO Special Passion Red T-BLADE™ will be assigned individual number from 1 to 1000. The individual numbers will be imprinted on the back surface of the T-BLADE™.

Super Early Bird Galaxy Silver

Price: US$179.- +Shipping

Available Unit: 500

Super Early Bird Motion Blue

Price: US$179.- +Shipping

Available Unit: 500

In addition to the above perks, TSJ sets the Family & Friends Pack with 5 T-BLADEs, and Distributors Pack with 10 T-BLADEs.

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“T-BLADE™” is easy to use anytime soon

TSJ is developing the editing software of the dedicated “T-BLADE™”, T-BLADE EDITOR. During the input, it looks like the back-typing keyboard is transparent.

The text you type can be shared with other applications.

In easily and timely manner, you will be able to send emails and also upload SNS like Facebook and Instagram.

You can use various applications on your iPad with greater ease anywhere and anytime.

If you have higher skills of input, the keyboard image on your screen can be smaller.

You can switch off the function of the keyboard image on your screen if you want.

Just using the software for a few days, and you will find yourself typing on T-BLADE™ with ease.

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Specifications of T-BLADE™

Product name:               T-BLADE™

Compatible models:       iPad Air 2/ 9.7 inch iPad Pro

Release date:                Autumn 2016 (subject to change)

Dimensions:                  175 mm x 273 mm x 20 mm wide (subject to change)

Weight:                        Approximately 370 g (subject to change)

Key switch:                  Pantograph method

Connection method:      Bluetooth

URL:                            http://www.tblade.com

YouTube:                      https://youtu.be/O-qlo-IAL1s

Facebook:                     http://www.facebook.com/tblade2016

*Specifications are subject to change due to the situation of development.

About TSJ

Company name:           T Solution Japan Corp.

Representative:             Shinnosuke Taguchi, President & CEO

Company address:    1-13 Minaminakadori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi,

Kanagawa, 231-0006 Japan

Established:                  July, 2015

Main businesses:           Planning, manufacturing and selling T-BLADE™



To learn more about us, please contact

Nobuyuki Tsuboi, Chief Marketing Officer


Source: T solution Japan Corp.

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