T Sloan Thompson Helps Make a Difference in Community With Large Donation to Senior Citizens, Inc

Money will be used towards new facilities for senior citizens in the community

When older adults look to transition to senior citizen living, they make an effort to check out the Savannah, Georiga area. That's because the city has some of the best living arrangements for older adults. These areas are possible because of donations by other citizens like T Sloan Thompson.

Recently, Thompson made a sizeable donation of $2,000 to Senior Citizens, Inc. The group's campaign benefits the Center for Successful Aging, which helps senior citizens stay active.

Also, the organization matches the contribution by T Sloan Thompson if the campaign reaches $100,000 by the assigned deadline.

The funds raised go towards renovating the main building of The Learning Center. The changes of the most significant building on campus will allow for more room inside. The more space can hold more classes, programs, and lounge areas. The more space the structure contains, the higher the chance outside programs will hold meetings and courses there.

The plans to renovate are critical to the continued success of Senior Citizens, Inc. The building needs to become welcoming for adults and a place where they can spend most of their day.

A regular day starts early in the morning at the center. Senior citizens can socialize and have their morning coffee. Televisions around the area are available, and newspapers are there for reading. Sometimes, an outside group provides breakfast for those in the building.

From there, they can either continue to socialize or attend the many different classes in the building. These classes ranger from learning computer programs to staying fit. A resident of the community could remain for a significant portion of the day at the facility and become involved.

Also, another aspect of the donations helping the renovations will be for those who cannot make it to the building. The Meals on Wheels program has become so popular, that there is a waiting list.

The reason why there's waiting list is that the current space cannot make the number of meals to find everyone. The home-delivered meals have become a favorite in the community. Hundreds already are taking advantage of the service. But many more are anticipating their turn to be a part of the list.

The funds raised by donors will go towards improving and expanding the Meals on Wheels kitchen. With the larger kitchen, more senior citizens can receive these meals.

Also, with the expanded space, it lowers the cost per unit and rids the waiting list. This structure meets individual needs and allows for more people to enjoy a warm meal during the day. The center will also have a secondary kitchen to help with demand.

The added space in the area lessens the crowding. That means there can be more volunteers helping around the building. Again, the Meals on Wheels program benefits from the added hands. More people making meals can lead to more senior citizens benefiting from the service.

All of these benefits can become attained by the large donations by citizens of the Savannah area, like Thompson.

Donations Important For Senior Citizens To Maintain Active Lifestyle

Over the past several years throughout the facility, it’s become more critical for senior citizens to remain active and have a healthy lifestyle. Also, the allowing of more space for socializing and learning, the center can focus on giving a vast number of options.

The more money raised by the community allows these senior citizens to enjoy life without feeling like a burden on the area. The more courses and events the building provides, the more fun senior citizens can have during the course of the year.

These skill-building courses are necessary for the senior citizen community. People like Thompson are helping these adults improve their lives and stay active for many years.

To learn more about T Sloan Thompson and his other donations, you can read about them here.

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