T. Leon Doyle's New Book "Jacob-Jo and the Ladder" is the Story of a Love Forbidden by the Social Ladder.

Newest publication "Jacob-Jo and The Ladder" from Fulton Books Author T. Leon Doyle is the story of Jacob-Jo and the love of his life. Jacob-Jo and Jenny may love each other, but their positions on the social ladder keep driving them apart.

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T. Leon’s early years were spent in the backwoods bayou country of Arkansas during the Great Depression. He was a member of the US Army during the Korean War. After he was in a gun battle in Alabama, he became an adventurer and fortune seeker in Central and South America. He then traveled the world as the Vice-President of operations for an international cooperation that designed and built chemical and explosive projects. Since retiring, he acquired the top of a mountain in the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee. He now lives up there with the bears, the bees, and a host of other wild animals. T. Leon Doyle has completed his most recent book “Jacob-Jo and The Ladder”: the story of two lovers driven apart by the social ladder.

Doyle shares, “A LADDER TO CLIMB stood between them, with Jennifer Louise from world class society on the top rung and Jacob-Jo from the backwoods mountains on the bottom one, yet they were attracted to each at first sight. However, as time passed, that ladder didn’t bother them, she was his princess and he was her cowboy and they vowed never to be separated for all of their life. But her mother’s most avid intentions were to keep them apart.”

Published by Fulton Books, T. Leon Doyle’s book shares the story of Jenny, who was a beautiful princess who lived in a mansion. Jacob-Jo came straight out of the backwoods. When his mother tries to spare him from the pain of a forbidden love by telling him about the metaphorical social ladder, he decides to start climbing. As he and Jenny fall in love, he quickly becomes painfully aware of how tall that ladder truly is. Nonetheless, Jenny joins Jacob-Jo on the rodeo circuit until tragedy strikes and a bull breaks his leg. The two part ways when Jacob-Jo loses his scholarship and Jenny starts college.

Devastated by their split, Jacob-Jo joins the Army. Jenny goes on a Caribbean cruise. Second hand smoke from long marijuana reefers will be Jenny’s undoing. The harrows of war will be his. Their undying love will, however, bring them back together and Jacob-Jo will ascend the social ladder; but life among that lofty crowd will prove too uncomfortable for him. In the end, Jenny will join him where their love first began on the rodeo circuit.

Readers who wish to experience this powerful love story can purchase “Jacob-Jo and The Ladder” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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