SYSTRAN Launches Anonymizer for eDiscovery at Relativity Fest 2017

SYSTRAN, a global leader in language translation technology, is set to launch its latest updates to SYSTRAN Anonymizer at Relativity Fest 2017 this month in Chicago.

By May 2018, all companies operating or selling in the European Union will be required to take extra precautions to safeguard consumers’ data due to the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR). Penalties for failing to do so are set at a maximum of €20 million or 4% of annual global revenue, whichever is greater.

Anonymizer will help companies store and transfer data compliantly by applying rigorous anonymization and pseudonymization techniques to the full text and metadata of electronic documents within the kCura Relativity e-Discovery platform.

“The Anonymizer technology can be a key part of the solution to a huge problem faced by many global companies — how to protect personal information for GDPR compliance, cross-border litigation discovery and other purposes,” according to David R. Cohen, Partner and head of the Records & E-Discovery Group at the global law firm, Reed Smith, LLP.

“Performing anonymization, pseudonymization or redactions manually is extremely time-consuming and expensive. By automating this process for electronic records, the Systran technology can generate tremendous time and cost savings.”

Mr. Cohen and his colleagues at Reed Smith helped to conceptualize the Anonymizer tool and then collaborated with SYSTRAN with regard to identifying desirable features for the technology.  

Anonymization can be used to mask identifying details in documents such as names, addresses, identification numbers, places, amounts and so forth when reading the anonymized documents; However, anonymized documents retain sufficient information for most relevancy reviews. Users can also opt to "pseudononymize" selected names, automatically replacing pre-identified names with chosen pseudonyms on a mass basis to provide another option for privacy protection.

“SYSTRAN’s Anonymizer is the first tool to offer machine translation and anonymization in one place,” says Ken Behan, vice president of sales & Marketing at SYSTRAN. “Anonymizer will prepare companies for a new age of data protection regulations, helping to maintain compliance and privacy during storage, transfer and legal proceedings.”

In addition to masking any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), SYSTRAN’s intelligent language tools — powered by artificial intelligence that replicates neural networks in the human brain — can automatically translate millions of foreign language documents. This enables attorneys to review documents in any language while assisting with meeting the strict requirements of the GDPR.

Creating efficient workflows and protecting data is a core value at SYSTRAN. The Anonymizer technology plugs into Relativity and can be deployed as an on-premise solution. The pre-anonymized data never needs to leave the review environment, leave the country, or touch the internet.

As a sponsor, SYSTRAN will be demonstrating Relativity Connector and Anonymizer at its booth during Relativity. To schedule a private demo of Anonymizer during Relativity Fest, contact Craig Stern at

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About SYSTRAN Software

SYSTRAN is transforming the way global organizations such as Apple, Adobe, Daimler, HSBC, and Symantec meet the challenges of communicating globally via advanced machine-based translation technology.

With a new generation of Machine Translation that combines Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, SYSTRAN is providing large organizations significant productivity gains in areas such as collaboration, data compliance, eDiscovery, intelligence, customer support, and cross-border communications/marketing.

SYSTRAN is headquartered in Seoul with offices in South Korea, Paris, France and San Diego. For more on SYSTRAN visit

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​For 50 years, SYSTRAN transformed the way global organizations such as Apple, Adobe, Daimler, HSBC, and Symantec meet the challenges of communicating globally via advanced machine-based translation technology.