Systems With Intelligence Acquires Viper Imaging Inc.

SWI's expansion will grow the company's footprint in North America and lead into other vertical markets.

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Systems With Intelligence (SWI), a global provider of Touchless™ Monitoring Solutions for industrial applications, has announced the acquisition of Viper Imaging Inc. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Viper Imaging specializes in infrared temperature monitoring solutions for critical assets and industrial processes. This acquisition will further extend SWI's thermal imaging capabilities into the heavy industrial and manufacturing segments and increase its market share in the electric power and oil & gas space.

"We are excited to welcome the Viper Imaging team to SWI," said Angelo Rizzo - President and CEO of SWI. "They have proven technology, an excellent track record, and share our vision for growth in the industry. They will help us to develop and expand our product portfolio, increase our presence in the electric power and oil & gas markets, and allow us to enter the heavy industrial space." 

"We are looking forward to collaborating with the team at SWI," said Andy Beck, Co-Owner and President of Viper Imaging. "Between the two companies, our values and vision for expansion are aligned, and we can continue to grow our share of the industrial process monitoring market." Rich Shannon, Co-Owner and Director, adds, "Both Viper and SWI share the mission of creating solutions that are easy to integrate, cost-effective, and impactful while increasing efficiency, promoting safety, and affecting positive environmental change. The combination of our companies positions us as a driving force for process control advancements in the industrial sector."

Viper Imaging Inc. is a privately held company that was founded in 2014. They are a leading supplier of thermal imaging systems and industrial process monitoring equipment. Their systems and software have been installed in various commercial applications for metals, oil and gas, energy production and distribution, and industrial automation.  Viper Imaging also provides thermographic inspection services and on-site calibration checks of cameras and pyrometers.

Quick Facts

  • Systems With Intelligence was founded in 2009 
  • Systems With Intelligence Touchless™ monitoring systems are installed in over 100 utilities worldwide 
  • Systems With Intelligence senior management team has over 100 years of collective experience in utility asset monitoring and communications technologies 

About Systems With Intelligence 
Systems With Intelligence Inc. is a global provider of Touchless™ monitoring solutions for electric utility applications. SWI systems collect and analyze the data that allows utilities to increase safety and reliability while reducing operating costs. Coupling thermal monitoring and visual imaging technology with advanced analytic algorithms, Systems With Intelligence solutions automate remote site monitoring. 

Systems With Intelligence products are engineered to operate in the harshest environments and withstand high levels of electromagnetic interference, static discharge, and voltage surges found in industrial applications to ensure uninterrupted operation. Providing a monitoring system that operates reliably and connects seamlessly allows customers to remain focused on their operations. 

The Systems With Intelligence management and technical teams are comprised of professionals with extensive experience in advanced technology for mission-critical applications in harsh environments. With domain expertise in substation and industrial automation, communications, and utility operations, the team is uniquely positioned to deliver effective and intelligent monitoring solutions. 

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About Systems With Intelligence

Systems With Intelligence is a renowned leader in providing trusted, intelligent, Touchless™ Monitoring Solutions for real-time visualization of industrial applications in harsh, remote locations. With headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, we help companies around the world, reduce operating and maintenance costs, while increasing reliability and safety.

By giving customers the visual and numerical data they need to make informed decisions, Systems With Intelligence solutions are intended to safeguard and extend the life of valuable assets, while improving the safety, reliability, and uptime of operations. We offer utilities solutions for remote site and asset monitoring, physical security, and safety for by combining sophisticated analytic algorithms with cutting-edge infrared and visual sensor technologies.

Systems With Intelligence Touchless™ Monitoring Systems provide clients with critical alarms and data to ensure they are always aware of the status and conditions of their remote sites and assets. Our investment planning software allows customers to make informed decisions on how to plan their asset investment strategy to achieve the best possible results.


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