Syracuse-Based Defense Company Releases PSA on Back-to-School Safety, Focusing on Active Shooter Education and Mental Health Awareness

​​​​As schools begin to reconvene after a period of prolonged quarantine, students will need to reacclimate to time spent with their teachers and peers. As experts in physical safety, Armoured One is concerned that there is an increased risk of active shooter attacks in schools. During quarantine, prospective attackers have had more time to prepare for and plan an attack. Mixed with social and physical alienation, depression and anxiety, and national news coverage of other major stories, Armoured One feels an attack is more likely as the attacker seeks to gain notoriety.

The PSA, entitled “One Step Ahead,“ raises awareness of the fragility of mental health, particularly during COVID-19, and that an attacker can be the most unsuspecting individual. Due to the suspension of daily life as we know it, potential active shooters, who are statistically prone to extensive planning and preparation, may not only be growing more mentally unstable, but have had more time to research past attacks and an increased the desire to mimic previous school shooters.

Former homicide detective and SWAT team operator, Tom Czyz, founded Armoured One - a tactical defense firm and training service - in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting on December 14, 2012. His mission is to safeguard students and school faculty and staff in the United States against active shooter attacks. Now, Armoured One aims to raise awareness for the fatal threats schools in the U.S. are facing (beyond a possible comeback of COVID-19) and how to defend the nation’s schools and children against it.

About Armoured One: Armoured One was founded in December 2012, by Tom Czyz, a former homicide detective, SWAT team operator, and father who was driven to take action after the Sandy Hook Elementary attack. Since then, Tom Czyz and Co-Founder, Tino Amodei, have put together a team of experts, who are devoted to protecting people from gun violence. The value Armoured One brings takes many forms: manufacturing and installing shooter attack certified and bomb-proof glass and window film; providing active shooter training created by current and former defense personnel and experts (such as SWAT Team Operators, Homeland Security Active Shooter Experts, a former Navy SEAL Master Chief, a Delta Force Team Leader, former FBI Agents, and former Secret Service agents, psychologists, and teachers), and conducting physical security risk assessments in schools, colleges, and universities across the country. Armoured One also studies the history of past attacks to develop better products and continuously improve its training.

One Training’s specialized active shooter programs has been provided to hundreds of schools that are unable to afford it in the form of a 501(c)(3) donation. They are also sponsors of the National Safety Security Protection Association (NSSPA), which hold summits at the Armoured One Headquarters in a long-term effort to make active shooter codes as necessary as fire codes in schools. 

Source: Armoured One

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