SynVero Provides a Powerful, Flexible and Easy Way to View the Stock Market

SynVero, a new stock screening software, assists investors in identifying potential investment opportunities based on a selected set of requirements.

​SynVero, a new stock screening software, covers all the major exchanges in the United States including the NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE Mkt (formerly known as AMEX), OTC and OTC Pink. The software is a powerful, flexible and easy tool that provides stock market screening, backtesting and practice trading. SynVero, which had a limited public release in January of 2016, is now open to the general public. 

SynVero’s stock market screener enables detailed and customized criteria definition. Clients can easily design their own filters based on technical indicators, fundamentals and analyst

recommendations. SynVero’s filtering technology incorporates a concept of designing smaller pieces of logic called criterions that interconnect to each other and facilitate inclusive, exclusionary, “and or” logic, custom settings and time span evaluation for event occurrence.  Investors can select from more than 50 different data points to be displayed within their results along with charts. Results can also be automatically emailed each day to investors.

“Advancements in FinTech have enabled investors to become more proactively involved in their own investments,” says Kenn Pennington, founder of SynVero LLC.  “These same advancements, such as commercially available market data, have also allowed SynVero to empower these investors with stock market analysis tools that were once the exclusive domain of large brokerage firms.”

With SynVero, any stock screening criteria can also be backtested as entry or exit logic. After setting up a backtest, it can be submitted to run against SynVero’s resources. Investors can elect to be automatically notified via email upon its completion and the company provides a summary of the performance along with detailed information regarding how each trade performed within the backtest along with any reason the trade might have been exited. The amount of historical data available for backtesting is dependent on the account level.

SynVero also offers a trade simulator as a complementary tool to the screener and backtesting features. Using practice trading, a customer can sharpen their trading and investment skills by testing themselves against historical market data without risking any funds. The free and basic accounts offered by SynVero allow customers to practice against randomly selected securities while the pro account allows for practice against random securities and filtered results from the past year.

SynVero’s website also provides a help guide that contains an overview of financial fields and technical indicators including the mathematical formulas utilized to calculate them. Charts can be configured to show as a bar, line, candle or mountain with scaling methods that are either linear or logarithmic and pricing data can be adjusted or not for cash dividends. The site can also be adjusted between the default black to an alternative white based on the client’s preference. To learn more about the stock screening software or access a subscription, visit

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SynVero is a powerful, flexible and easy to use stock screening software that assists investors in identifying potential investment opportunities based on a selected set of requirements. SynVero offers three different subscription levels. The free account makes all features available but on a limited basis while the basic account for $9.89 per month account holders can view all screening results with other limitations. These limitations are removed for the full access pro account for $19.89 a month. For more information about SynVero and the subscription levels, visit

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