Synteklife and Utah's Syntek Global join forces to educate and promote environmentally friendly fuel additives.

Synteklife of Vancouver Canada and the international leader in eco fuel additives Syntek Global have joined forces to promote the use of XFT Syntek as a eco fuel additive and alternative. The initiative addresses the educational and training needs of

Network marketing leader, Synteklife is in the process of launching a new web site dedicated to training the Syntek Global XFT distributor. The website is located at On the site the Synteklife distributor will find a wide array of educational and training tools including a customized web site, tool free phone numbers and ongoing online training seminars.

Karen Hutchinson of Synteklife goes on to say " Synteklife/1 is a total training experience for the Syntek Global XFT distributor. We provide all of these tools and a live support line. We understand that Network Marketing and understanding the XFT Syntek product line can be daunting for some but it is our stated goal to make it simple and approachable".

Syntek XFT and the Syntek Global family of products is a leader in introducing the most innovative fuel products to the marketplace. Recently, Syntek Global received official word from the EPA's Smartway Transportation Partnership that they have been accepted as a community member of this important transportation industry affiliation.

According to Mitch Greenberg, manager of the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Smartway Transportation Partnership, "Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by helping companies save fuel and money."

For further information on Synteklife, Syntek Global and the XFT fuel revolution go to or its affiliate or contact Karen at

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