Synoptek Partners With Burstorm Multi-Cloud Hybrid Analytics Platform to More Quickly and Accurately Assess and Select the Optimal Cloud Solutions

Burstorm, a Hybrid-Multi Cloud analytics technology platform provider, and Synoptek, a Global Systems Integrator (SI) and Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) offering Comprehensive IT Management and Consultancy Services to organizations worldwide, today announced that Synoptek has deployed the Burstorm Multi-cloud Hybrid Analytics Platform. Synoptek is leveraging the platform’s unmatched data and analytics capabilities to speed execution of its digital transformation initiative.

Synoptek’s business increased by a factor of three in less than four years. To remain highly responsive to clients while maintaining control, quality, and consistency of its offerings in this high-growth environment, Synoptek required a more automated approach to system design and management. To that end, the company recently launched a project aimed at optimizing its product and service portfolio.

“To achieve our goals, we needed to gain full visibility into our multi-cloud hybrid environment that includes both internal components and numerous products and services from multiple cloud providers,” said John Frazier, Synoptek chief operating officer. “The Burstorm platform has given us that visibility.”

The Burstorm platform automatically captures and updates detailed technical, price, and performance data on a wide variety of products and services, including those from such providers as AWS, Azure, Google, Azure, ATT, Century Link, Alibaba, and numerous non public (published) ATT, Equinix, Comcast, and NTT and many more. A major differentiator of the Burstorm platform is its ability to normalize the data across a multitude of disparate components. As a result, Synoptek can perform meaningful benchmark comparisons of products and services based on a variety of factors, such as price/performance, to identify the optimum combinations.

Burstorm makes it easy for enterprises such as Synoptek to evaluate, select, deploy, and manage complex multi-cloud hybrid solutions. “These organizations no longer have to deal with multiple providers to gather and evaluate the information they need to make informed decisions,” said Brandon Abbey, Burstorm chief executive officer. “All the information and advanced analytics to process it are readily available from the Burstorm platform. This eliminates the time-consuming, mostly manual effort of collecting and comparing data.”

Using the Burstorm platform, Synoptek cloud architects were able to capture data on 90 percent of internal assets as well as on all external assets across 32 suppliers. The entire effort took only seven days. The platform normalizes the data, consolidates it, and presents it in a single map view, providing clear visibility into the Synoptek environment. The data includes contractual information as well as technical details. In addition, in just two weeks, the architects were able to complete a price/performance benchmark report that not only exposed lapsed contracts, duplicative services, and pricing discrepancies, but also uncovered significant cost optimization opportunities.

“We’ve just begun to exploit the capabilities of the Burstorm platform internally,” said Frazier. “Eventually we plan to leverage the platform in assisting our customers in navigating the complex multi-cloud, hybrid landscape and assemble the portfolio of technology solutions that best meets their needs and budgets.”

About Burstorm

Burstorm is automating and accelerating the process of cloud transformation. Burstorm is a purpose-built hybrid and multi-cloud design analytics platform utilized by cloud solution and managed service providers, integrators, consultants, and consumers. The platform combines easy-to-use drag-and-drop interfaces with in-house developed solution design engines. Users move from idea through implementation creating models and scenarios that utilize real-time API connections to industry-leading tools, solution providers, managed service providers, integrators, and consultants for pricing, consumption, and deployment rules. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Burstorm focuses on enterprises that participate in or benefit from the process of compliance-driven digital transformation. Current client industries include large financial, manufacturing, government, military, and healthcare. More info:

About Synoptek

Synoptek provides information technology management services, consulting, and IT leadership to organizations worldwide. The firm manages and operates IT infrastructure with 24/7 operations, automated toolsets, and highly skilled technologists. Synoptek has been repeatedly recognized as one of the Top 100 Cloud Services Providers by Talkin’ Cloud and one of the Top Managed Services Providers by MSPMentor, among other honors from Inc. Magazine, Deloitte and more. More info:

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