SYNLawn® Enhances Product Technology With SYNSport™ Powered by Trionic Plus™

SYNSport Powered by Trionic Plus

SYNLawn®, a leading global manufacturer and unrivaled innovator of sustainable synthetic turf and surfacing products, is excited to unveil the most technologically advanced artificial grass variety available on the market. SYNSport™, a popular multi-purpose sports product, is now manufactured with Trionic Plus™ technology for a softer, stronger and longer lasting variety of turf. This latest industry innovation was developed through the super molecular fusion of nylon and polyethylene (PE). 

“Throughout the history of our industry, one of the greatest quests of manufacturers has been to blend the softness of PE with the extreme durability of nylon in a single fiber, which has never been accomplished until now,” said George Neagle, president of SYNLawn Global. “I’m very proud that our company continues to be at the forefront of technological advancements of synthetic surfacing products. With the inclusion of Trionic Plus technology in SYNSport, we are able to offer the ultimate turf fiber.”

Key technological features of SYNSport Powered by Trionic Plus include:

  • Friction reduction with sharkskin technology. The company’s engineers developed a less abrasive surface by manipulating the molecular structure of the PE turf fiber to increase crystallization. More and larger crystalline portions, when interspersed with smaller amorphous sections, create a rougher surface at the molecular level of the fiber that resembles the scales of a shark’s skin. The rougher surface at the microscopic level creates a less abrasive fiber. As a result, fewer contact points reduce the chance of friction on the skin, which is beneficial for sports applications.
  • Superior strength with entanglement technology. To prevent splitting of the fiber, the side chains are entangled to reinforce any weak spots that may form between the main molecular chains.
  • Longer lasting fibers for enhanced product lifespan and superior durability. The Trionic Plus fibers create more space for PE secondary coating to adhere, which results in a longer product lifespan. The enhanced durability is ideal for high-traffic areas such as play areas and playgrounds, public recreational areas, retail and office parks, events/entertainment venues, hotels and resorts, and golf courses.

SYNSport Powered by Trionic Plus also features Super Yarn™ technology and SYNLawn’s exclusive plant-based EnviroLoc+™ Backing System. The unique additives in Super Yarn include Sanitized™ Antimicrobial Technology, DualChill™ IR Reflective Technology and StatBlock™ Anti-Static Component. EnviroLoc+ replaces a large percentage of the petroleum-based polyol with renewable soybeans and its environmentally friendly, multi-layer component system locks in durable turf fibers to extend the life cycle of the turf. 

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