SYNLawnⓇ Debuts Exclusive EnviroLoc+™ Backing System

Eco-Friendly Technology Offers Extended Product Life Cycle

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SYNLawn®, the largest manufacturer and unrivaled innovator of artificial grass in North America, announced the debut of its exclusive EnviroLoc+™ Backing System. The soy-based technology has a groundbreaking anti-fungal and anti-algae component to help extend the life of the product. 

"We've continued our commitment to creating more sustainable synthetic grass options, which is why we're proud to introduce the EnviroLoc+™ Backing System," said George Neagle, executive vice president at SYNLawn. "We're excited to provide our ecologically conscious commercial and residential customers with this innovative and green technology made in the USA."

EnviroLoc+ is ideal for customers that suffer from respiratory allergies since its exclusive Sanitized coating contains properties that decrease environmental allergens such as algae and fungi growth in the immediate environment. This added protection not only reduces these allergens but also helps extend the life of the product. With the protection of EnviroLoc+ combined with Sanitized, it's the cleanest and safest turf available on the market.

The EnviroLoc+ Backing System is constructed by using a durable 2-part woven Polyester and Polyethylene backing fabric that "locks in" the grass fibers to create a fuller tufted look. After tufting, the backing fabric and tufted grass fibers receive a thick layer of SYNLawn's proprietary biobased EnviroLoc+ coating that serves as a sturdy anchor for the synthetic grass fibers and, in turn, results in less fiber loss for a more environmentally responsible approach. This new technology replaces petroleum-based polymers with biobased polymers created from sustainable resources such as soybean oil.

SYNLawn strives to deliver exceptional quality and real value for its customers with standout products through its unmatched lifetime warranties, commitment to sustainability, and the industry's leading safety ratings. Manufacturing more sustainable and long-lasting artificial grass products and recyclable properties help reduce the impact on landfills, eliminate emissions from lawn maintenance equipment and save water resources. SYNLawn's products are identified through its iconic green soy backing, which includes a certification number and logo.

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SYNLawn® is the largest manufacturer and unrivaled innovator of artificial grass in North America and offers the greenest turf on Earth. As part of the SportGroup Holding® family of companies, SYNLawn, along with sister surfacing brands — Astroturf, Rekortan, APT, and Laykold — delivers the best products available on the market. SYNLawn's product offerings also include Calico Greens™, an upscale line of artificial wall displays. SYNLawn's turnkey network of 100 distributors seamlessly combines environmental stewardship with industry-leading innovations. Manufactured in Dalton, Georgia, SYNLawn uses bio-based ingredients, such as soy and sugarcane, and consumer-conscious additives such as antimicrobials to meet customers' wide range of needs. With more than 200,000 residential and commercial installations, the company is raising the bar for global synthetic turf standards and transforming the idea of grass. We have a proprietary system with a large percentage of renewable content. From rooftops to road medians and rocket-launch viewing sites, SYNLawn has installed over 82 million square feet of U.S. soy-backed grass across 200,000 installations in the United States and 19 other countries since 2008. SYNLawn added more soy than ever to its products in 2021, which increased its use of U.S. soy by 10%. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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