Synerise 17th Fastest-Growing Technology Company in Europe According to Financial Times & Report

Synerise, a company operating in the BigData/AI sector, has been ranked highest among Polish companies in the technology sector in the "FT1000 Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2022" ranking

Synerise Team

Synerise, a company operating in the BigData/AI sector, has been ranked highest among Polish companies in the technology sector in the "FT1000 Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2022" ranking.

FT1000 is a joint initiative of the Financial Times and and involves an in-depth analysis of tens of thousands of European companies, resulting in the identification of the 1,000 fastest growing organizations out of millions of European businesses. Polish company Synerise has achieved an outstanding result, ranking 70th in the overall ranking of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, at the same time taking 1st place in Poland and a high 17th place in the technology sector in Europe, being also in the top three of all companies in the ranking in the field of artificial intelligence and big data.

"We are very pleased that along with our achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, where Synerise's technologies are recognized globally as state-of-the-art, the business result also follows. In the last year we have achieved outstanding results when it comes to the advancement of our technology solutions, successfully competing on the international stage with brands such as DeepMind, Nvidia, Stanford, PARC, Baidu or Intel, winning or being on the podium of international artificial intelligence competitions such as KDD Cup, Rakuten Data Challenge or RecSys Challenge organized by Twitter in the last year."  - says Jarosław Królewski, CEO of Synerise.  

Synerise provides a big data platform where customers can store heterogeneous data on a massive scale, leverage its processing in real-time through a proprietary database engine created by Synerise engineers. The entire operation is supported by state-of-the-art AI models along with the automation of business solutions.

"The result achieved by our company in the Financial Times ranking, pleases us immensely, because it is the result of an uncompromising belief in meritocracy, product quality, selling solutions not based on customer ignorance or pretty presentations, but real, best-in-class solutions in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data or automation. The worldwide partner ecosystem that is responsible for deploying and selling the platform continues to grow. At the end of the year 2022, we are going to reach the 10 million USD ARR of our platform, and we count on stable growth in the future."  - says Eugeniusz Licznarowski - Partner and Chief Business Development Officer at Synerise.

Synerise is currently one of the most innovative European companies that operate in high technology sectors such as big data and artificial intelligence - which are also some of the fastest-growing market segments in the world. The company successfully competes with the largest artificial intelligence technology companies in the world, which have multi-billion dollar budgets. The team's scientific, research and commercial work is recognized by personalities of the high-tech scene worldwide and in national and global competitions.  

About Synerise

Founded in 2013, Synerise is a B2B SaaS platform allowing its clients to store and process all their heterogeneous data and automate the data-related processes with the support of a world-class AI and a no-code/low-code interface. Synerise supports its corporate clients in e-commerce, retail, telecom, financial services, and automotive industries across 30 EMEA markets in collecting & analyzing data about customers, users, objects, their behavioral & environmental context, delivering actionable analytics and insights, and deployment of data-based decisions into live use-cases. Synerise's 150+ strong team operates out of offices in Warsaw, Krakow (Poland), and San Francisco (US). The company is known for its scientific achievements in behavioral data modeling and was one of the winners of prestigious international AI competitions incl. RecSys Twitter Data Challenge 2021 and KDD Cup 2021, and was ranked as the 17th fastest-growing company in the technology sector in Europe according to "FT1000 Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2022." For more information, please visit


Source: Synerise