Synchredible Makes It Possible to Synchronize Open Files - ASCOMP Releases Version 7.0

Quickly and easily copy and back up files, folders and entire drives

Synchredible for Windows 7, 8 and 10

Work is less and less tied to location, time or a particular device. Anyone can hold meetings via Zoom, be productive in the home office and still be accessible even on a deserted island. However, this new flexibility also creates new challenges and the need for data security. Intelligent software solutions are required to automatically match or back them up.

ASCOMP Software from Leonberg, Germany, now provides such a solution with its new version of the Windows software Synchredible, which takes away annoying comparison and copying work for its users and, thus, responds to the changing working structures and requirements of our time.

Synchredible 7.0 has been consistently thought through and designed to be user-oriented: files can be automatically shared between Windows-based devices, hard drives, local networks, and cloud storage services. This way, all files remain up to date and the same on all devices.

Thanks to optimized synchronization logic, synchronizations can now be carried out even faster and more securely and accelerated once again by means of a "high-speed" function. "Nobody wants to have to wait a long time after their work is done until their data is synchronized or saved," says Andreas Stroebel, Managing Director of ASCOMP Software.

But Synchredible 7.0 has another interesting feature for its users, so now for the first time exclusively opened files can be automatically copied and synchronized using the Volume Shadow Copy Service of Windows (VSS). "In order to have consistent data sets, you had to close Outlook or the accounting software. The new version copies data during operation."

With Synchredible 7.0, ASCOMP Software publishes a version that consistently focuses on the requirements of its users and offers new possibilities for data synchronization. For private use, Synchredible can be downloaded free of charge at The paid version (from $39.90) is ad-free and also offers technical support.

Source: ASCOMP Software