Symposit, LLC Named Principal CASRA Security Screening Training Technology Integrator for North and Central America

Combating the Threat of Terrorism, Smuggling & Security Risks Through 3D Screening Training & Certification from the World's Premier Leader

Symposit Integrates CASRA Technology for Improved Security Screening for Federal & Commercial Use

Symposit, LLC and HumanLink LLC announce a unique partnership with CASRA (Center for Adaptive Security Research and Applications), to deliver a comprehensive security screening software training program for Federal and Commercial operations. Already installed in 50+ countries around the world and over 900 airports, CASRA technology is now available in the United States (U.S.). CASRA and Symposit are currently being implemented in cargo screening studies, supporting several major U.S. Airlines.

At a time when both the U.S. government and private agencies are combatting smuggling, terrorism, threats to transportation venues and soft targets, security screening is at the front line of protecting our country and our people - CASRA's training software, which is based on applied and interdisciplinary research, is the premier global training software. The training system provides both 2-D and 3-D training to match the evolving and fast-changing environment of new screening technologies. The system, X-ray Tutor (XRT4) provides adaptive training to optimize security screening skills. XRT4 includes assessment software to determine a screener's abilities as well as evaluate their training progress. By implementing the solution provided by CASRA, Symposit, and HumanLink organizations can dramatically improve its screening metrics, staff efficiency, and commitment enhancing security screening performance and therefore contributing to and actively supporting the war on terror.

"There are many transportation security applications, from airport personnel to Federal Office building staff or cargo shipping screeners," said Bobby Bermudez, President of Symposit, LLC. "With this unparalleled partnership, Symposit has a decade of experience working with government and commercial partners to facilitate options for integrating, hosting, and administering the CASRA software - on cloud, hybrid, or on premise - and deploying rapidly in order to train staff better, which results in greatly improved security performance."

HumanLink Managing Principal, Bonnie Kudrick said, "When agencies use XRT4, the training software offers objective performance metrics for every screener. Analyzing data metrics provides each agency with data to optimize staff resources, saving money and increasing effectiveness and efficiency. The strong foundation for XRT4 is a direct result of years of research that takes into account cognitive and behavioral factors inherent in the screening environment."

According to the Department of Homeland Security, "The United States and the global aviation community face an adaptive and agile enemy. Terrorist groups continue to target passenger aircraft, and we have seen a 'spider web' of threats to commercial aviation as terrorists pursue new attack methods." 

In order to keep our country and our citizens safe, staff needs access to the best screening and security education materials possible, and given real life scenarios from which to learn. CASRA software is a product of Swiss interdisciplinary and holistic research, combining applied psychology, software engineering, and data science.

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