Sympli Launches New Collaboration Tools for Digital Product Designers & Developers, Website & Subscriptions


Sympli, a collaboration platform for designers and developers that works with Sketch, Photoshop, Android Studio and Xcode, today announced they are launching much-requested new enterprise-class features that will help users integrate with other tools like Atlasssian Jira and improve overall design and development workflow. In conjunction with this launch, Sympli is re-launching their website and updating their subscription plans to better support customers.

“Our customers have repeatedly requested deeper integration of Sympli into their design and development workflow,” said Sympli CEO Tim Keough. “These new tools help deliver enterprise features and integrations that further streamline digital product development processes and make teams more efficient.”

Sympli has customers such as Netflix, Visa, badoo, and Udemy who use the platform to expedite the design and development of mobile and web apps and save time and money. New tools launching this week include:

SAML/SSO Support

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) support allows Sympli customers to enable SSO (Single Sign On) for their team, which eliminates the need to create user accounts for new team members and maintain an accurate list of current team members.

Jira Integration

Sympli is now integrated with Atlassian Jira, allowing users to tag team designs with one or more Jira issues, see Sympli designs from within Jira, view Jira comments in Sympli (+ vice-versa), and more. Read our walkthrough of the Sympli + Jira integration and learn why we've become an Atlassian Solution Partner.


Connect Sympli with other apps using webhooks. Webhooks give users extended control over how they use Sympli, allowing the transfer of information between Sympli and other apps.

Custom Domains

Add a custom domain to a Sympli account to better manage users and design environment. Custom domains are available in conjunction with SAML, so users can always access Sympli safely from their own domain.

Design Review Mode

Get teammates all on the same page quickly with Design Review Mode, which uses aggregated comments to keep everybody in the loop with contextual annotations. Product managers, QA and other team members can stay abreast of design changes, discussions and collaboration, and the team can see centralized feedback across designs. Learn more about Design Review Mode here.

New Website & Subscription Options

In conjunction with the launch of these new features, Sympli has updated their website and subscription plans to better showcase these new features and capabilities and better align with customer needs. Learn more about Sympli's new subscription options here.

About Sympli

Started in 2015 and based in Washington D.C., Sympli helps digital product development teams build web and mobile apps faster and easier with automated design handoff, implementation, and collaboration tools. Sympli is integrated with Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Android Studio, and Xcode.

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Tim Keough
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Sympli provides tools that bring digital products to life faster and easier. Automated design handoff, implementation, and collaboration tools for web and mobile product teams. Sympli works with Photoshop, Sketch, Android Studio, and Xcode.

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