Swoosh Technologies Provides Engineering Technology to the Industrial Food Processing Equipment Industry

Swoosh Technologies implements engineering technology to provide industrial food processing equipment manufacturers with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Swoosh Technologies, a leading Siemens PLM Software partner, serves the industrial food processing equipment (IFPE) industry with engineering technology to address many of the emerging industry trends. 

Equipment manufacturers serving the food processing industry are faced with continual changes driven by food consumption, consumer awareness, and regulation. Implications brought on from these trends are placing more demand on manufacturers to produce their machines faster than ever with the need for lean business and manufacturing practices to enhance their bottom line. 

Swoosh is committed to implementing lean engineering processes allowing industrial machinery companies in the food industry to accelerate their machine design and reduce business risk associated with new product development. 

Swoosh Technologies works with industry leaders to employ new design and manufacturing software that has resulted in decreased product design times by up to 50 percent and reduced manufacturing time by up to 20 percent. Companies such as AMF Bakery Systems, Wood Stone USA, and Reading Bakery have utilized such solutions providing them with a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Within the IFPE industry, 15 percent of machines are bought and remanufactured. Utilizing synchronous technology found in Solid Edge and NX (formerly Unigraphics), remanufacturing these machines is faster than ever allowing for smaller capital investments and faster time-to-market. 

Swoosh Technologies hosted a series of webinars discussing many of the current challenges facing food processing equipment designers. Register here to view an on demand replay of the webinar and get an introduction to technology that will enable you to meet changing regulation requirements, tackle changing customer demands, and increase your bottom line. 

About Swoosh Technologies & Solutions, LLC

Swoosh Technologies is a leading Siemens Digital Industries Software Partner with decades of CAD, CAM, and PDM experience. The company offers design engineers and manufacturers best-practice solutions and technical support and services.

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