Swoosh Technologies Introduces 3DSync, a New Product from Siemens PLM

Swoosh Partner, Siemens PLM's New 3DSync Software Delivers Exclusive Synchronous Technology Benefit to Mainstream CAD Industry

One of the significant benefits associated with Swoosh Technologies partner, Siemens PLM's proprietary synchronous technology software capability is now being made available to users of any vendor's computer-aided design (CAD) application. Siemens' product lifecycle management (PLM) software business unit is introducing a new 3D CAD editing tool to the mainstream market, based on synchronous technology, which has been shown to increase productivity by a factor of ten or more when working with imported CAD data. Siemens' new 3DSync application is now available, and is available free until May 15, 2013.

In today's global manufacturing industry, product development collaboration among multiple companies is a predominant practice. However, due to inconsistent data formats employed by many of the world's competing CAD software applications, importing and working with digital 3D product data from an incompatible CAD solution is often labor intensive, error prone and costly. The design intent built into CAD models in the form of parametric rules is lost during the translation process, making the imported model difficult to work with and often unusable. As a result, engineers are often forced to spend hours or days "fixing" an imported model or simply recreating the model from scratch.

This problem was virtually eliminated for users of Siemens' Solid Edge® software and NX™ software applications when the company introduced its exclusive synchronous technology breakthrough in 2008. As a result of its ability to interrogate imported 3D models, recognize design intent, and automatically apply appropriate design parameters, synchronous technology has been reported to produce ten-to-one reductions in model rework time, with some users citing time reductions of certain tasks from days to minutes. The availability of Siemens' new 3DSync offering now extends this benefit beyond the Solid Edge and NX user communities, to the users of any commercially available CAD system.

"3DSync is the next evolutionary step in Siemens' constant drive to deliver open solutions that help significantly increase product development productivity, while at the same time improve product data compatibility throughout the global manufacturing industry," said Chuck Grindstaff, CEO and president, Siemens PLM Software. "By enabling CAD models to be shared and easily edited between incompatible versions of the same CAD offering, or among different CAD applications, 3DSync delivers the productivity and cost reduction benefits of synchronous technology to mainstream CAD users by allowing them to more effectively reuse 3D product data."

3DSync supports widely used CAD formats such as STEP, IGES, Parasolid® software, JT™ data format and others and has built-in data translators to help eliminate version incompatibility issues. 3DSync provides engineers with a fast, straightforward method for importing, editing and exporting most neutral 3D CAD files from suppliers and customers. This can save time and reduce costs by decreasing the need to remodel features or to pay suppliers to make edits.

3DSync is available immediately for $1995 (US). For more information and to register to use the full production version free until May 15, 2013, visit www.swooshtech/3dsync.

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